Thursday, November 12, 2015

Justin Trudeau Is a Living ... and Paper ... Doll

I like Justin Trudeau, the newly elected young and liberal Prime Minister of Canada.
But, you know, me being shallow and all, I will admit that he is one hot Prime Minister, too.
Hot and liberal?

My kinda man. And the perfect gift for someone like me who might want the real thing but knows he can't have it ... at least in real life?

The Justin Trudeau Paper Doll ... complete with Maple Leaf.

Just sayin'.
Kenneth in the 212


the dogs' mother said...

really I laughed out loud at the maple leaf!
i wish him all the best as one who remembers his
dad (i was but a young child at the time...)

anne marie in philly said...

HAWT HAWT HAWT! his dad was quite the ladies' man in his day...

KEVolution! said...

oh my!

listen, i can't tell you why or how i know, but .... i don't think JT is entirely straight. like, if he was a normal everyday bloke like you or me, he would be "fluid."

that's all