Monday, November 30, 2015

The Daily Hypocrite: Governor Rick Snyder

Some folks just want to be first in line for hate.

Take Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, for instance. He was the first of more than thirty — mostly Republican — governors hoping to block the resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states.

But, as happens with these haters, Snyder has difficulty explaining it. See, he was asked about his specific concerns regarding the current two-year screening process for refugees seeking to enter  this country and was unable to point to a single problem with it:
“I wouldn’t single out any specific problem I have with it.”
And yet he’s saying it doesn’t work and needs to be fixed because … Muslim. And he's saying he wants a  review of the process with which he can find no fault  in light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, a suicide bombing in Beirut, and the bombing of a plane over Egypt:
“When you have these events it does make sense to pause and simply say, ‘Let’s continue looking at these events. I really want the federal government to come back and say, ‘We have now made a review of these, at least three situations, and believe that our current system is acceptable – or not and that they’re making some modifications.’”
But when Snyder was reminded about the way people from Western Europe enter this country — they don’t even need to apply for a Visa — he replied:
 “Well I wouldn’t necessarily [limit the entry of tourists]. This is a particular case, this refugee process, where there is a high degree of concern.”
Odd, because none of the attackers, at least in Paris, were refugees, but were … wait for it, it’s rich ... citizens of, yes, Western Europe; and any of those people could have easily entered this country, but then again, Muslim.

Hate; it’s apparently the new ‘In’ thing in parts of this country because so many are lining up to join in.


anne marie in philly said...

snyder is a h8er!

the dogs' mother said...

Facts first, then concern.

Professor Chaos said...

But, but, Muslims are scary! What more particular concern must he articulate?

Helen Lashbrook said...

No-one does anything about the purveyors of hate; the right wing media tell the most barefaced lies and do not get called out on it.

Mitchell is Moving said...

And the blatant lies that are being told (and they're getting away with telling them)!!!