Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Minute Rave: Muslim Marine Mocks [t]Rump

Donald [t]Rump is a racist, it’s clear. At the beginning of his campaign he railed against Mexicans, and this week he seemed to revel in the idea of his supporters beating up a #BlackLivesMatter protester, adding that he believes the man should have been “roughed up.”

But it was his assertion this week, in light of the ongoing debate about Syrian refugees, that we close down all mosques in America and force Muslims to register in a national database and wear carry special identification cards that has riled up the more rational among us.

But one man, a Muslim, and a Marine, Sergeant Tayyib Rashid, Tweeted to [t]Rump that he already carries his own identification card — a Marine Corp identification card:

Of course, we all know [t]Rump doesn't have that kind of identification card because he took several deferments rather than serve in the military for his country.

Naturally, the racist conservative Republicans and so-called Christians in this country immediately jumped on Rashid, but he calmly, and quietly, took them all to task.

Lesson to be learned — though I doubt [t]Rump and his racist asshatted minions will ever learn anything — don’t come for Sergeant Tayyib Rashid unless he sends for you.
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the dogs' mother said...

Sergeant Tayyib Rashid, proud of you!

mistress maddie said...

And one would think, that would shut up the old wind bag. But I ask for miracles. PS Love your holiday header!!!!!!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Any rational person is well aware that the overwhelming majority of Muslims do not hold radical views, but like Sgt Rashid, they should speak out

Mitchell is Moving said...

Sergeant Tayyib Rashid is a smart man and a true hero. Donald Trump and his followers are ignorant, hateful, and an embarrassment (and frightening).

Debbie said...

Donald Trump is a F****ING DRAFT DODGING COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I really enjoyed Sergeant Tayyib Rashid's answers. Smart man. Although his intelligence is wasted on people you can never reason with.

Shirtless Lovers said...
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