Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: Shoreditch Warehouse Conversion

When is a warehouse not a warehouse? Well, when it becomes a fashionably rustic and chic Shoreditch home.

It all began with the removal of a modern shed to the rear and a reinstatement of a courtyard in its place to bring natural light into the bedroom and en-suite.

And, to add even more light into the ground floor study space an existing lantern roof-light was replaced, a walk on roof-light fitted flush with the adjacent new terrace, and inclined translucent panels installed below a new mesh access stair did the job.

A new timber privacy screen was introduced to shield views and noise to neighboring properties while the enjoyment of the terrace and courtyard is experienced internally with the introduction of double glazed steel framed doors at ground level and double pivot doors to the new terrace.

It keeps that old warehouse vibe with flooring and walls, and basic structure, but completely updates it into a civilized chic urban home.

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the dogs' mother said...

an accomplishment!

mistress maddie said...

Had me at the first picture. Funny, if I live in a city environ, I love the urban city look. Sort of reminds me of an apartment I once had.

Blobby said...

this is possibly one of the nicest places you've published. I like some of the others, of course, but they seem like you can't actually live IN them. This one you can.