Monday, November 09, 2015

Ben Carson Is George Wallace 2.0

To be fair, I’ve never liked Ben Carson, even when he wasn’t running for president. I mean, he’s a neurosurgeon without a brain, right? And, every time he speaks I fear he’s about to drift off like my Uncle Ted at the Thanksgiving table; and what’s worse than that, is the fact that his ability to seem slightly narcoleptic makes me channel my inner [t]Rump and, yes, actually call him low energy.

Of course, there’s also that liar thing he’s dealing with; his full ride to West Point was actually a full ride. He possibly wasn’t the mean violent little brat, goin’ all stabby on classmates when he was a kid; and maybe he didn’t stop someone at a fast food place from doing something really bad … like not Supersizing their meal.

But here’s where Ben Carson, for me, really goes off the rails … s l o w l y. Last week, “Doctor” Carson was responding to the repeal of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance [HERO], and seemed to suggest … well, let’s have him tell us:
 “How about we have a transgender bathroom? … It is not fair for them to make everybody else uncomfortable. It’s one of the things that I don’t particularly like about the [LGBT] movement. I think everybody has equal rights, but I’m not sure that anybody should have extra rights—extra rights when it comes to redefining everything for everybody else and imposing your view on everybody else.”
So, we have bathrooms with doors marked “Regular People” and other doors marked “Transgender Folk.” Hmmm, well, I guess that might make people more comfortable, you know, not having to share a bathroom with a less desirable type person, or a person who makes them uncomfortable.

But, gosh darn it, doesn’t this remind me of something else … like when people said they felt uncomfortable drinking out of water fountains that a “colored” person used; how “colored” people shouldn’t be able to sit next to the regular folks at the lunch counter or, god forbid, next to us in a movie theater.

Yeah, that’s what Ben Carson sounds like … George Wallace. And I imagine a Ben Carson presidency — like that would ever happen — would have him standing in front of  bathroom door barring the entry of trans person that needs to pee.

We don’t need someone in the White House who has a loose relationship with the truth, and we definitely don’t need someone in the White House who wants to take us back to a time of blatant discrimination.

Crazy. Isn’t he?


the dogs' mother said...

out of everything that HERO was about - this is what
they seemed to care about, thanks to carson and others.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Yes, there is definitely "that liar thing." Absolutely crazy, hateful, ignorant, dishonest.

anne marie in philly said...

RAMEN, bob; preach it!

Professor Chaos said...

Sure, trans people may not be allowed to ever use a restroom, but at least "other people" won't be made "uncomfortable." Because it's us cis people who are the real victims here when we sometimes feel abit uncomfortable because of our prejudices.

Ms Sparrow said...

Now he's whining about restrooms in that wimpy, whiny voice. He gives me the creeps!

Helen Lashbrook said...

And you don't need someone in the White House who has a painting of himself with Jesus hanging in the hall, delusional or what? Have you seen this?