Monday, November 16, 2015

Muslims Launch Social Media Campaign Against ISIS With #NotInMyName

Almost instantly after the terror attacks in Paris I heard that old refrain … Muslims.

You know, because Muslims are terrorists; all Muslims. They want us dead, our buildings destroyed, our way of life extinguished. All Muslims. Just the way that all Christians are like the ‘God Hates Fags’ Westboro Baptist Church; all Christians want fags to die, right?

Of course not, the WBC is a wingnut fringe group that dares to call itself a church when they are nothing more than a Hate Group. So why then, since we know that, do we automatically assume that all Muslims are terrorists, and anyone from the Middle East is a Muslim? How stupid are we?

I’ll say it once more: Muslims aren’t terrorists, terrorists are terrorists, and some terrorists are Muslim and some are Christian and some are atheist.

I read a story on line this weekend that broke my heart. The story of a man in New York City who hailed a cab and when he opened the door, the voice inside said, ‘Thank you.’ The driver, a Middle Eastern looking man said Thank you because he’d been driving around for two hours without a fare because every time he tried to pick someone up, as soon as they saw him behind the wheel, they’d get out of the cab. How stupid are we?

Well, it’s time to stand up and fight back and hashtag ourselves out of thinking that what happened in Paris is the fault of every single Muslim person on the planet, and so the London-based organization Active Change Foundation created the #NotInMyName hashtag to remind people that ISIS does not represent their religion.
"These terrorists ISIS are not true Muslims, they do not practice the true teachings of Islam; peace, mercy and compassion and they are the enemy of all mankind.” — Hanif Qadir, founder of the Active Change Foundation
Let’s stop being stupid and scared and frightened of anyone who looks differently or speaks differently or acts or loves differently, and understand that your faith doesn’t make you evil; that’s on you, without your God or Allah or Buddha or whomever.

Let’s make sure that everyone understands that acts of terrorism — in skyscrapers, or restaurants, concert halls, airplanes, funerals — are not a sign of faith in anything but hate.


anne marie in philly said...


the dogs' mother said...

bestest of wishes to them all. the engineer has worked alongside other engineers from the middle east for 35 years. good engineers, good people, good family people, good fellow citizens.

Michael Dodd said...

I wish more Christians would do things like this in response to the hateful things perpetrated in the name of Jesus by a handful of crazies.

Helen Lashbrook said...

There are good Muslims, Jews, Christians and atheists, not to mention Sikhs, Buddhists etc., etc.. There are also bad Muslims, Sikhs, Jews etc., etc.. Most people understand this instinctively....the rest need to grow!

jadedj said...

Unfortunately we have a very vocal minority of knuckleheads who just love bombing the shit out of people...and they have the attention of the press. Of course, this plays right into the terrorist's plan. It's not just's stupid.

viktor kerney said...

Glad they are standing up

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I'm a new follower to your blog and I just know I'm going to like it very much.