Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: House In Estoril

Architect Ricardo Moreno fell in love with this house built in Estoril Portugal in the early 1920s; well, he fell in love with the outside. The inside? Not so much.

Still, he bought it and set about making it his home, first by preserving the outer walls to recognize and identify the history of the home.

The entrance floor, to the common areas, is a wooden walled space, for the living room, kitchen and office. Steps lead to what Moreno called the ‘white spaces’ suspended overhead, where the private areas are located.

The introduction of these new volumes—wooden and white—defines the interior spaces of the house, and accentuates the windows of the old facade.

The home becomes at once both a modern interpretation of the old house and a celebration of what it was at another time in history.

I love the fact that it’s one thing on the outside and something quite different and surprising on the interior.



mistress maddie said...

This house almost reminds me of a Beverly Hills Bungalow. While I love the interior space, the pool, gardens and exterior sold me. Just beautiful overall.

the dogs' mother said...

really interesting and glad he kept the outside
historical. also like the outside :-)

Lidia Monahua said...

OMG are gorgeous!
I love them, One of them are my dream house ☺♥
Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Love the dining table in the cosy alcove.