Thursday, November 12, 2015

Random Musings

American Horror Story: Hotel ...

I am loving Liz Taylor, though part of her story — as it related to hunky Finn Wittrock — broke my heart last night.

Finn Wittrock … at least we know no one ever really dies.

Cheyenne Jackson. Good lord; a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

And um, yeah, the trip back to Murder House from Season One and the birth … birth? … of Bartholomew.

And … American Horror Story has been picked up for a 6th season, and it looks like Lady Gaga might return.

I would prefer Jessica Lange, but Gaga has been surprising me this season, playing a bloodsucking version of herself, that is.
Show of hands, who saw this coming besides me?

A new Gallup poll finds a dramatic increase in the number of married LGBT couples post-SCOTUS ruling. There are now approximately 972,000 Americans in a same-sex marriage, up from about 780,000 before the ruling.

We fought for marriage and we’re doing it …
So, Starz has a new show about a ballet company, but the kicker is that they are actually using professional ballet dancers in the show. So, none of that creative cutting and editing to make it look like a non-dancer is doing all the work.

And, as happens with ballet, there are some heartthrobs, like …

Ben Daniels [top left] , who plays the gay choreographer, Paul Grayson; he’s kinda sexy in a bitchy arrogant egomaniacal sort of way. And then we have Sascha Radetsky [right] and Clifton Duncan [bottom left] , as Ross and Reggie respectively, two actual ballet hunks.

Men in tights. Yes, please.

Speaking of LGBT rights and the march, President Barack Obama is the first sitting President to pose for the cover of a gay magazine by appearing on Out Magazine as the Ally Of The Year.

Bravo, Mister President.
So, man buns are ALLEGEDLY the new ‘it’ thing for metrosexuals everywhere — unless we count the growing trend of man braids — but, what if you’re a man that doesn’t have enough hair to go all trendy and hipster?

Try a clip-on man bun. Seriously. I just died a little.
Adele 'Hello' live ... because I am obsessed with all things Adele ... sue me.
Is this what presidential candidates do?

Jeb No-Last-Name, says that, if given the opportunity, he would go back in time to kill Baby Adolf Hitler in his crib?

“Hell yeah, I would! You gotta step up, man.”

Seriously. Take a seat, Jeb.

Meanwhile, [t]Rump is saying that, if he’s elected, we will all be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ and Starbucks will make a caramel latter in an effing Christmas cup.

And Ben Carson is wondering that, since the pyramids were used for grain storage, if the Parthenon was a stable for unicorns. And then he stabbed someone.

As for future failed presidential candidate, and certifiable loon, Ted Cruz, he thinks anyone who “doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief.”

Well, I guess I am fit to be President then.

Just sayin’.


Professor Chaos said...

The man bun. Ugh! That has got to go.

the dogs' mother said...

yeah = the man bun - oh. dear.

mistress maddie said...

I wish AMS-Hotel was on every night.!!!! I thought it was genius how they tied the first season in!!!!!!! Who saw that coming? Really starting to love to hate the Countess. She is only slated for 9 episodes I heard, so I wonder if Ramona and Donavan, might join a dead Tristan to rid her??? The those two along with Will Drake could go on for a lovely three way relationship!!!! Although Liz and Iris should have the privilege of killing her. And every week, Wes Bentley is making me moist. I have also located their soundtrack for the season which has been very good. And DON'T get me started on Adele. Bout time she got back!!!!!!!!

Will J said...

The clip on Man Bun has to come with an advisory on the package. "Avoid unpredictable tail winds. May resemble tRUMP if it occurs. Not responsible for any incident damages."

anne marie in philly said...

man (hair) buns are stoopid; man (rear) buns are not...

adele is a beautiful woman. POTUS sure has aged whilst in office, hasn't he? and bring on more and more wedding cake! the GOP are nothing but lunatics.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Two comments:
1) Crap! I was thinking last week I should come up with a clip-on, glue-on, tape-on man-bun for man-bun deprived men like me.
2) BOB FOR PRESIDENT!!! VOTE FOR BOB!!! Maybe your catch phrase could be "On Your Knees With Bob."

Bob Slatten said...

Well, at least your suggestion of a campaign slogan is better than "Jeb Can Fix it!"

Mitchell is Moving said...

And between you and Jeb? No contest. Maybe it should be "On Your Knees FOR Bob"?