Thursday, November 05, 2015

Random Musings

I don’t go to Wal-Mart … Let me clarify, I rarely go to Wal-Mart because I loathe that store intensely. But, when I have to go, because I really need something cheap and on the fly, I go in the midday when I can get in and get my stuff, self-check-out, and be back in the car in minutes because I loathe that store.

I was in there this week, rushing in and out, and silently saying to myself some awful thinks about the toothless-cousin-f**king-rednecks-in-pajamas up and down each and every aisle when I realized, I was thinking these things to myself, I was muttering them to myself.

And that maybe some of these toothless-cousin-f**king-rednecks-in-pajamas were looking at me, in a baseball cap low on my head, sunglasses and nondescript clothing, and muttering to themselves about that crazy guy talking  to himself in Wal-Mart.

In a Can-He-Seriously-Think-He’s-Presidential, “Doctor” Ben Carson has announced that he believes the pyramids were built by Joseph to store grain.

Oh, and he doesn't believe in evolution either.
In better political news, out there to Salt Lake City the people have elected Jackie Biskupski as their mayor, making her Utah’s first openly gay mayor and only the second female top executive in the capital city.

Mother-effing Utah, y’all.
I love Kelly Clarkson, and have ever since her first appearance on American Idol—back when that show was actually relevant—because she proved week after week she can sing anything.
And in her career that followed she has continued to do that, singing every genre of music—and being nominated for rock performances, pop performances and even country performances—and now she’s taken on Broadway.

Josh Groban—I can take him or leave him … mostly leave him—will be having a special on PBS next month where he sings various tunes from the Great white Way, and invited Kelly Clarkson to sing from Phantom of the Opera.
And she nails it … like I knew she would.
Not a lot of new hotties on the TV airwaves this week—though I did love seeing totes adorbs Darren Criss being … SPOILER ALERT … murdered on AHS: Hotel.

But there is one cutie that I noticed on Madam Secretary this week: Chris Petrovski as Dimitri Petrov, double agent.

Sexy, with an accent? You know I love that.
So, Saturday Night Live will have [t]Rump as guest host this week, making it basically as ninety-minute ad for his campaign.

So Serena Williams was eating in a  restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown, when a man nonchalantly strolled by her table and scooped up her cell phone.

Serena, not to be messed with, gave chase, and found the man and asked if he’d mistakenly picked up her phone.

At first he denied it but then he said he had and gave it back to her.

But, gosh, Serena, why? Why take to Facebook and call yourself a hero for standing up for yourself? You asked a guy on the street if he had your phone; you didn’t save a baby from oncoming traffic.

Hero? Schmero.
The week The Advocate named The Supremes their “People of the Year” and I was so pleased for Diana … oh, oh, the Supremes, as in the Supreme Court Justices.

And, as the tagline said:
“Yes, the whole Supreme Court. Including Scalia.”
Well, I guess these Supremes deserved it …. Too.


mistress maddie said...

I couldn't agree more on the Walmart front. I haven't been there is years. I'll drive far out of the way to get somewhere for something before going there. It is way to chaotic in there, and yeah, the half moons sticking out.....AMS-Hotel. I have no idea who Darrin Criss is before lordy was he easy on the eyes!

the dogs' mother said...

for a year we could only get our prescriptions at
walmart - it was awful.

anne marie in philly said...

tv's frank nails it!

and I would like one night with josh groban.

wall-fart? NO THANK YOU! avoid it like the rump!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Oh, crap, I need a nap... Or a drink. I wonder if there's any grain alcohol left over from King Tut's tomb (maybe in those two "new" sections).