Thursday, November 19, 2015

Random Musings

Karma is a bitch, y’all. See, back in 2001, the ACLU filed a lawsuit over a Ten Commandments monument outside Grand Junction, Colorado’s City Hall; and so, knowing they would lose the lawsuit, the city council decided to put a disclaimer on the monument saying it was “not meant to endorse any particular system of religious belief.”

I know, right? Bull shiz. But the City Council then created a ‘Cornerstones of Law and Liberty plaza … as a  secular context for the Ten Commandments monument that cost city taxpayers $64,000. And it worked; the ACLU lawsuit went nowhere.

So, what about karma? Well, Reford Theobold was the council member — and two-time Mayor — who led this charge to keep the Ten Commandments monument and Theobold was just arrested for shoplifting.

Thou Shall Not Steal.

Yes; sixty-one-year-old Reford Theobold was arrested on suspicion of theft by shoplifting after an employee of Cabela’s saw him take several “Big Hunk” candy bars, hide them in a file folder and walk past registers without paying; he also had two maps on him which weren’t paid for.

Maybe we need an Eleventh Commandment:

Thou shall not be a lying hypocritical dick of a politician.
Oh, those One Million Moms Seventy-Four Thousand Moms must be clenching their sphincters today because, in their Sexiest Man Alive issue — this year’s man is David Beckham which makes me think this issue is actually ten years old … but I digress — the magazine bestowed the Honor of Sexiest TV Commercial Dads to David Monahan and Larry Sullivan, the same-sex couple who starred in that Campbell’s Soup commercial with their son Cooper.

It’s that karma thing, you know, because had those Moms who have nothing better to do with their lives, not called attention to the ad, the ad, and the dads would not be getting so much attention.

So, thanks One Million Moms Seventy-Four Thousand Moms.
I loves me some Law & Order: SVU. There is always a hot detective on that show. We had years of Christopher Meloni, as beefcake hottie Elliot, and then we had a few years with Danny Pino as Latino caliente hunk Nick. And after Pino left the show, we got Peter Scanavino — who grew on me during his first season and is now just delicious.

But this year the show introduced Broadway actor — he was rocky in the ‘Rocky’ musical — Andy Karl as Mike Dodds, who is pec-o-licious.

Just sayin’.
Bobby Jindal has ended his failed attempt to become president.

Show of hands of those who were surprised Jindal was even running? Uh huh.
So, Turing Pharmaceuticals  the company owned by Martin Shkreli, the douchebag pharmaceutical dick who jacked up the prize of an AIDS drug some 5,000%, has just posted a third quarter loss of  $14.6 million.

I’m sensing a theme about karma this week …
While People has two sexy dads in their issue, ABC is still standing firm in the dark ages and has said, definitively, ‘No’ to having a same-sex couple dance on their crappy show, Dancing With The Not-Quite-Stars-But-Definitely-Media-Whores-And-Has-Beens.

On the show next week, recording artist Who is Fancy will debut his new single ‘Boys Like You,’ about a man falling in love with another man.

Who is Fancy’s choreographer sent an email to the producers, saying it would ‘be an awesome look to have 2 males dancing with each other,’ but ABC said not a chance in Hell.

Oh, but they did say that they would allow male-on-male ‘near dancing’ during the performance.

Whatever the hell that means.
Here’s a picture of Donald [t]Rump. Why am I posting it, you ask? Well, it’s an art piece, a mosaic, if you will, of the presidential candidate, created by combing thousands of other pictures to create the image of The Donald.

Oh, the thousands of other images? All dick pics.

Uh huh. The Donald In Dicks. Seems fitting, dontcha think?

You can see a larger version ... if you wish ... HERE
Leave it to the Mama Grizzly Bore™ to spin her unwed daughter’s second out of wedlock pregnancy as a “third or fourth or fifth chance” from God to allow Blister learn how to either keep her legs closed, or learn to use birth control, or to stop telling young girls about abstinence when she hasn’t learned that lesson yet herself.


mistress maddie said...

Love the Campbell commercial! But I have to say some of these television shows need to have a shelf life.......just like politicians.

the dogs' mother said...

one of the advantages of so many trips to
physical therapy is i get to keep up on people
magazine, a few pages at a time. i will keep a
lookout for the campbell dads. :-)

Michael Dodd said...

Love the Campbell dads ad!

anne marie in philly said...

"The Donald In Dicks" - the Dicks in Rump (fixed it for ya)!

(ain't I a stinker?)

Professor Chaos said...

"near dancing" means you leave room for the Holy Spirit!

I can't believe Jindal stuck around as long as he did. He couldn't possibly have thought he had a chance. And the more he's seen on TV, the less chance he has of getting hired on at FOX or any other media outlet. Man has zero charisma! He must have a book to sell.

SVU is still on? I stopped watching when Christopher Meloni left. You can't replace him. Nice try, Danny Pino, back to Cold Case with you! Christopher Meloni was my favorite on OZ, too.

Anonymous said...

It made me buy the soup.


Helen Lashbrook said...

the number of killings in the US is frightening; bring in gun control and the numbers will go down. Take out guns altogether and Donald Trump, Ben Carson and their ilk will implode, saving the GOP a LOT of trouble

Blobby said...

you can have your SVU detective. My SVU crush is Raúl Esparza.

Bob Slatten said...

I was crushin' on the detectives.
Raúl is in a class all by himself!