Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An Eleven-Year-Old Schools One Million Moms Seventy-Four Thousand Moms

So, One Million Moms — actually, it’s more Seventy-Four-Thousand Moms — recently launched another one of their boycott campaigns against American Girl, a company that makes dolls and publishes a magazine for children—because an ad by the company featured … :::gasp::: … a married same-sex couple, Rob and Reece Scheer, who are raising four foster care children, including adopted daughter Amaya:
"One Million Moms Seventy-Four-Thousand Moms is extremely disappointed that American Girl, owned by Mattel, is promoting sin in the November/December 2015 issue of its magazine."
The sin is that a legally married same-sex couple is raising children, and so this rag-tag band of, probably not mothers but, bored Christian Loons pointed their followers to an article titled 'Forever Family' about adoption from foster care; and that’s a bad thing because the4 article included a large picture of a girl with her two dads, and their three other adopted children.

One Million Moms Seventy-Four-Thousand Moms then asked their followers to contact American Girl and tell them that as long as they are "pushing the homosexual agenda to children, your family will no longer be able to support the company, its magazine, or purchase its products."

Boo hoo. I could go on about hate, or about the need for people to adopt or foster children, and the way some of the Christian right chooses to ignore, and sometimes punish, those children, but, you know, sometimes there are others who say what I want to say, and say it better.

Amaya and her two dads, Rob and Reece, appeared on Fox’s ‘Good Day DC’ this week and Rob said that when he heard about the One Million Moms' Seventy-Four-Thousand Moms’ campaign against his family and American Girl, he was "shocked."
"These were moms! These were moms that were saying that my family was wrong, that the love that my husband and I are giving our four kids and what we’re doing was wrong. I would expect moms not to say these types of things about our family." — Rob Scheer
Rob then noted that, rather than urge boycotts against doll companies, and soup companies and cereal companies maybe these “moms” try and help the “364,000 kids in foster care."

And then Amaya, my new hero and idol, was asked what she had say to One Million Moms Seventy-Four-Thousand Moms and she said it better than her dad, and better than I ever could:
"This is none of your business."


the dogs' mother said...

we outgrew the american girl dolls a long time
ago - but i think they need to make an Amaya doll!
and bless her two dads for the home and love they
give their children.

Cro Magnon said...

Some of the least Christian-spirited people around are Christians.

Sadie J said...

Our neighbors, a legally married (yeah!) Lesbian couple have always had foster kids and they adopted 3 siblings a few years ago. The kids are health and cared for, and loved, and it shows. How can anyone be against that?

anne marie in philly said...

xstains suck.

Biki Honko said...

One Malevolent Mom can suck it. I love that wee girl telling them that its none of their business!

Professor Chaos said...

Pretty sure if they were actually moms they wouldn't have so much time on their hands to worry about how other people live their lives.

jadedj said...

IF they actually are moms, can you imagine the shit their children have to contend with? Holier-than-thou busy bodies make my ass suck wind. Jesus!