Friday, November 13, 2015

PR 14: The Decoys

In order to keep it secret who the Top Four, or sometimes Three, designtestants are on each season of Project Runway, they have decoy collections; collections designed by designers who were Auf’d before The Tents.

These collections are used to keep you guessing as to who made the Finale as Fashion Week occurs before the end of each seasons of the PR. So, while we know who won this past season, here are the Decoy Collections of the last two Auf’d designers ... 

Swapnil Shinde
It's a shame that he took all the smoke breaks and just seemed to give up, because this is nice. It's modern and edgy, and yet celebrates his heritage; it's rich and fun and sexy and vibrant.

This might have won ...

Merline Labissiere
I always liked Merline, and I like these clothes, but there a little too Ready-To-Wear. The same shapes, the same silhouettes, the same architectural details.

It's nice, but it's nothing new.

What do YOU think?

photos via Blogging Project Runway


the dogs' mother said...

glad they got to show before a big audience full
of fashion folks. didn't watch the reunion show,
did you?

Bob Slatten said...

I did; big brouhaha over the paintball challenge when Ashley was picked last and then all the other girls threw her under the bus on the runway.
Plus, Swapnil admitted his plan to coast along all season until the end was kinda dumb.

the dogs' mother said...

forgot about the paintball challenge! and the whole mean girls

Mark in DE said...

I agree - Swapnil's collection is very nice. I always routed for him and was also disappointed that his laziness seemed to overtake his ambition. I also agree that Merline's collection is too ready-to-wear. I'll watch the reunion show this weekend via DVR.