Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: 9th Street House

According to Tom Hurt, the architect … or re-architect, of this home, the client’s grandmother purchased this house in the 1940s, renovated it herself into a four-unit apartment building and rented it for the income during difficult economic times.

Cut to the 21st century, and the client asked Tom Hurt to turn the structure into a modern single family home, preserving as much of the old house as possible.

The architect proceeded to recreate the home as one that had adapted to one family over several generations, and revealed as many of the older materials by juxtaposing them with new elements. On the exterior, it was decided that the new slim tower addition appeared ‘stitched’ formally to the old house.

This is what I like about architecture: preserving something old, while making it seem fresh and new.


the dogs' mother said...

fun way to marry the two styles.

Michael Dodd said...


mistress maddie said...

Looks like a updated plantation house. And with all the white and dark wood, you probably knew you had me.

Toni said...

Love it all. Looks peaceful and calming but I've got this bad habit of needing color, lots and lots of color. The front of the house is yummy.

Bob Slatten said...

It's one of my faves because it blends old and new.

I knew the white interiors screamed your name as loudly as a house boy after lights out!

I like it, but, yeah, a splash of color would be nice, too!

Fit Studs said...

OMG, it's beautiful. Would love to live in something like that. :)

Mitchell is Moving said...

Wowser! I'd love to have seen it before!

itsmyhusbandandme said...

The combination of the white and wood and grey makes it look great.