Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Funny Papers

Clay Bennett, Mike Luckovich, John Cole, Darrin Bell, Bill Day, David Horsey, Randy Bish


Sadie J said...

Bad week. Simple as that.

jadedj said...

Sadie J...agreed, but I would add...Bad and disgusting week.

the dogs' mother said...

scary week and scary papers. xoxoxo

the dogs' mother said...

Our paper ran another guest editorial to answer last week's guest editorial.
I read it but found it hard to follow (probably because I am on the other side
of this issue)

To me it is simple. You can believe whatever you want (look at Tom Cruise) but
you can not discriminate. Put any other class of folks in the place of the two
men who wanted flowers - no, I will not provide my artist expression to your
wedding because you are black, mixed race, Jewish, Muslim, Hispanic, Unitarian
(mine own special class :-), not virgins, too old, and it can go on and on and on.
She would need a check off list on her door.

The artist statement still is a new addition to this argument I'm pretty darn sure.