Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Musings

I don't get the anger over the way, the how, the why, and especially, the when, of people Coming Out.
Lotsa folks on the blogs, and on the Bookface, and The Tweeter-sphere, are kinda coming down on both Anderson Cooper and Frank Ocean for Coming Out.
Now, don't get me wrong, a lotta folks are loving the fact that these two men finally told the tale, as it were, but the sort of anger, and the I told you so, is kind of disheartening.
Coming out is a personal process. It isn't easier because you're rich and white and a TV personality, because then you aren't just coming out to friends and family, and perhaps co-workers, you are coming out to the world.
And that can be daunting.
Family and friends may say, Oh, we knew that. They may say We love you. They may say something not so nice, but to have the whole world weigh in on your private life? That's not really fair, is it?
And, let me further explain, I think everyone should come out. Now. The sooner the better., But it's a personal choice at a personal time in a personal way.
Frank Ocean didn't come out because he had some music to sell, he came out because he wanted to be himself in every way possible.
That’s not something to denigrate, or make light of, it's something to celebrate.
Just sayin'.

I love a good feud.
Lohn v Hilton? Loved it.
Hilton v Richie? Good stuff.
Old Spice v Taco Bell? Who knew? but here it is:

This one makes my skin crawl.
After the airing of PBS's Frontline documentary, AIDS in Black America, the website, Gawker, is offering big money for the identify the person who transmitted HIV to Magic Johnson. And writer AJ Daulerio has theories and stories and gossip about the who, and the what and the where, and, why the fuck is it his business?
Seriously, is it anyone's business how Johnson contracted HIV? Because if it is, then it's everyone's business how anyone contracts HIV.
If you want your junk out there, then you put it out there. But to delve into someone's personal life just to share some salacious bit of gossip is not news or information or in the public interest.
It's stupid. And the folks at Gawker should be ashamed of themselves.

Okay, so, yeah, Jane Pitt.
Wrote a letter in support of Mitt Romney. Said she's against marriage equality. Not so nice, I say.
Other folks have a different mindset. They've actually gone on Twitter to make death threats against Mrs. Pitt. Death threats because she expressed her opinion. 
Is this America? Or are we in some far off land where people aren't allowed their own thoughts? I mean, I think Jane Pitt is way off the mark in both her politics and her religious viewpoints and her feelings about marriage, but I will always defend her right to say them.
Just like I'd like to think she'd defend my right to say she's off her rocker.
And, sidenote: why is anyone blaming Brad Pitt for what his mama said? He's long been an LGBT ally and for anyone to suggest otherwise is ridiculous.
For example: I have an uncle who is a....and this is hard to say....a Republican. And he's a die-hard Mittsy fan. We've had arguments via email and on Facebook about Obama and Mittsy and, while it seems he gets most of his opinions from the Hannity-Limbaugh sect, I didn't see too much wrong with his sharing his views. Until the day he said, on Facebook, that Obama was born in Africa.
Oh, but he did.
Now, should he receive death threats? No. He should receive our deepest sympathies for his delusions. And, furthermore, am I to be lumped in with his madness because we're related? No. Families don't have to share the same political views and ideals.
So, lay offa Brad, and lay off his mama. She's wrong, but she has a right to be wrong.

Good news outta Maine: a new poll shows that a majority of voters in Maine support marriage equality by a margin of 57% to 35%.
Speaks well for a righteous vote in November when Mainers will be asked to allow The Gays the right to marry.
The tide is changing, at the polls, in the voting booths, in the Congress, in the White House, and just about everywhere.
Go Maine!

Oh dear.
Walter Hill has announced he will write and direct a remake of 1962's What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? which starred the amazing Bette Davis and the batshit crazy Joan Crawford as Baby Jane Hudson and her crippled sister Blanche. Hill will adapt his screenplay from Lukas Heller’s original screenplay, which was based on Henry Farrell’s novel.
Now the talk is who will play the sisters? I mean Crawford and Davis were fabulous, and Lyn and Vanessa Redgrave were less so in their TV remake several years back.
So, who do you think should play the girls?
I have my own suggestion, given the biggest stories of today: Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.
That would be worth seeing.


the dogs mother said...

It is the reason I choose not to be famous... too many dingbat relatives...

Tamayn Irraniah said...

95% of what's considered news now is really things that are none of our business. Sometimes I think we need the fairness doctrine back.