Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Have Issued A Red Alert To Springfield, Missouri!

Scott Lively will deny he ever had anything to do with the Kill The Gays bill in Uganda, but, well, that would be a lie. It's a lie because most of what comes out of Scott Lively is a lie; and he's at it again.
See, he's got his Homophobic Knickers in a twist because Springfield, Missouri, might pass an anti-discrimination ordinance and, well, that's a bad thing, you know. So, Lively has taken to penning a letter of sorts, a "Christian Red Alert" to warn the citizens that "Springfield is NOT San Francisco. Stop the "Gay Fascism" Bill."
So, I have decided to issue my own "Don't Listen To Scott Lively Red Alert" to the people of Springfield myself, and it goes like this:
The City of Springfield Missouri has announced its intention to "consider" an ordinance to give homosexuals extraordinary new powers to silence and punish Christian landlords and businesses through civil rights lawsuits. 
Um, actually, what it's saying is that you, as a landlord or employer, will not be able to use The Gay Excuse as a means to fire of evict someone.
"Framed as an “anti-discrimination” measure it is in reality a “Gay Fascism” Bill that will make disapproval of homosexuality illegal in the City of Springfield and grant gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders (GLBTs) legal standing to sue their opponents, primarily Christians. 

Um, actually, disapproving of homosexuality is kinda considered Free Speech, so this bill will not stop people from saying they hate The Gays; it will simply protect The Gays from unfair discrimination.
"Starting in the 1980s in cities like San Francisco, homosexuals have forced many U.S. cities and numerous states to adopt similar “Gay Fascism” laws with disastrous effects on Christian landlords and businesses. Empowered by recent successes, they are now pushing into conservative cities. 

Um, actually, homosexuals haven't forced anything upon any city in this country. Even by less-than-modest estimates, The Gays constitute only about 10% of the population, so how we force cities to bend to our will is unknown to anyone with a minimum number of active brain cells. I mean, if we were able to "force" our ideas on the cities in this country, then we should have been able to "force" marriage equality on them as well.
"As soon as a city criminalizes discrimination against homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism through one of these bills, GLBT activists backed by anti-Christian law firms begin targeting people of strong religious faith and traditional values with civil rights lawsuits.

Um, actually, there are many Gay Christians, and even those of us who don't consider ourselves Christians don't wish to deny Christians from pursuing their Christianity. We would, however, like you to keep you Christianity out of the Government, and we'll keep the government out of your faith. Sounds fair, eh?
"Under Vermont’s anti-discrimination law two lesbians sued the Wildflower Inn in 2011 for refusing to host a lesbian “wedding.” Now over a year later the case is still in litigation at great personal and emotional cost to the owners of this family-oriented resort. 

Um, actually, they sued for discrimination because in Vermont that's illegal, and a crime, for both Christians and non-Christians alike. And, if that inn had wanted to save themselves a buttload of cash fighting a law suit, they should have opened their doors to a paying customer.
"In March of this year a Lexington Kentucky T-Shirt printing company called Hands On Originals was fined $6,600 for refusing to print shirts for a local homosexual festival, despite (more likely because of) stating prominently on its home page that it is a “Christian Outfitter,” reserving a “right of refusal” to decline business in conflict with its beliefs.
Um, actually, the owners of Hands On were sued, not because they didn't want to print shirts for The Gays, but because they didn't want to print a shirt that advocated being 'proud' to be gay. And they said they did not want to promote the Pride Festival; um, you're a print shop. Print. And, in fact, Hands On has gay employees, and has, in the past “filled past orders for customers who it knew identified as homosexual.” See, they don't mind taking our money, they just don't want us to be 'proud'.
"E-Harmony, the online Christian dating site was sued in 2008 under one of these “Gay Fascism” laws in New Jersey and "forced" to create a dating site for homosexuals at enormous expense and in a severe compromise of its values.
Um, actually, and again, there are Gay Christians, and why should a Christian dating site deny Gay Christians the right to find some online lovin'?
"At Augusta State University in Georgia, Christian student Jennifer Keeton was expelled in 2010 from the graduate counseling program over her disapproval of homosexuality. In June of 2012 a court ruled that the college’s anti-discrimination policy trumped Keeton’s 1st Amendment religious rights.
Um, actually, Miss Keeton wasn't expelled for her disapproval of homosexuality, she was expelled because she said being gay was wrong and immoral, and that was not in keeping with the educational courses she was required to take. She was also expelled for not taking part in a diversity training program to understand how her views could be considered harmful 
Um, and actually, she has lost her case. Three times.
"These and many other examples of "homo-fascism" are only possible because of anti-discrimination laws based on "sexual orientation" and "gender identity."
Um, actually, the anti-discrimination laws are just to keep people from discriminating against another group of people based on their perceived personage. I mean, I can't discriminate against a Christian, even though my views are different. I can't discriminate against an African-American because we have different skin color. It's simply saying that discrimination is wrong.
"What is worse, much worse, in a strategic political sense is that an “anti-discrimination policy” based on “sexual orientation” is the seed that contains the entire homosexual agenda with all of its poisonous fruit, including “gay” marriage, “gay” adoption, and heavy taxpayer funding of “gay” programs and projects. Wherever the seed takes root, “gay” power and control just keeps growing until it supplants traditional family values with San Francisco-style sexual anarchy in every social and political sphere. 
Um, actually, the Gay Agenda is just equality. Pretty simple. We don't want people to be gay if they aren't just like we don't want5ed to be treated differently because we are gay.
"Last year in the conservative country of Moldova, I led a successful campaign to kill an "anti-discrimination" bill very much like this one. I believe the same strategy can work in a conservative city like Springfield MO. The key is to give up trying to appear "nice" and "reasonable" to the media and get aggressive (not violent) in our posture and rhetoric. 
Um, actually, Scott Lively has violent tendencies and all one needs to do is look at Uganda and Kill The Gays to understand how Scott Lively works.
"If this agenda is as bad as we say it is, AND IT IS, we should start letting our words and actions match the threat!! 
It's time to PUSH BACK. 
In Jesus, the Lord of Hosts,
Dr. Scott Lively"

Once again, let me say that the vast majority of the LGBT community doesn't hate Christians; we simply abhor what some of these so-called 'Christians' do in the name of God.
Killing Gays is not Christian behavior.
Refusing to hire us is not Christ-like.
Evicting us from our homes for being gay is not very 'love thy neighbor as thyself'.
We wouldn't do that to you, why are you doing that to us?
And, why would you think God is at all pleased by your hatred?


the dogs mother said...

I think this fellow is 78 years out of step.
(Godwin's Law you know :-)

Wonder Man said...

he is still talking?

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Frank said...

Most reasonable persons will see through his rhetoric to the hate which actually provides all the reason to vote FOR equality rather than against it.

Ron said...

I think someone (Scott Lively) doth protest too much.