Monday, July 30, 2012

A Dip In The Shallow End......

While cruising the blog-o-sphere this morning, I stopped in at the junction, Nutwood Junction, where the always brilliant Beth was listing her Top Ten Reasons why she loves the Olympics. And, well, naturally, I couldn't help but add that, for me, #11 was Ryan Lochte's dimples. I'm shallow like that.
So, since I had already dipped into the shallow end, I thought I'd share some of my Hottie Olympians. I mean, it's not like it isn't hot enough already in Smallville. eh?
So, let's rip....and in no particular order.....
Alexandre Despatie
Canada, diver and perennial favorite
Cameron van der Burgh
South Africa, swimmer
Camille Lacourt
France, swimmer
Danell Levya
USA, gymnast
Giuseppe Lanzone
USA, rower
Hugo Parisi
Brazil, diver
John Isner
USA, tennis
Ky Hurst
Australia, swimmer
Teddy Riner
France, judo
Terrence Boyd
USA soccer
Yohan Blake
Jamaica, track-and-field
David Oliver
USA, track-and-field
James Magnussen
Australia, swimmer
Brazil, soccer
Nick Symmonds
USA, track-and-field
Oscar Pistorius
South Africa, track-and-field
An inspirational hottie
Pascal Behrenbruch
Germany, decathlon
Trey Hardee
USA, decathlon
Troy Dumais
USA, diver
Ryan Lochte
USA, swimmer,
Gold for Best dimples


the dogs mother said...

Ryan Lochte makes me smile!
We are totally hooked at the Ponder household.

Beth said...

The number of six-packs I'm seeing in this Olympics is making me inebriated! :D

Tamayn Irraniah said...

Ryan Lochte is wonderful, and I'm really happy he beat Michael Phelps, but I am sad there weren't more gymnasts on this list.

If I were able, I'd add David Belyavskiy. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Hello Hugo.