Monday, July 09, 2012

Barney Got Married!

After a long hot and sticky--and not the good kind of hot and sticky--weekend, it was nice to see a tidbit of good news this morning.
Barney got married.
No, no the purple dinosaur, and not Fred Flintstone's neighbor--he';s still married to Betty.
Barny Frank married his longtime partner, James Ready last Saturday, and, in doing so, became the first sitting congressman to enter into a same-sex marriage.
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick--Hmmm, why didn't they ask former governor, Mittsy?--officiated the ceremony and created a few giggles during thew vows by saying that Barney and James owed to love each other through Democratic and Republican administrations alike, and through appearances on Fox News.
"Barney was beaming," said  Al Green, a Democratic congressman from Texas . He added that Frank, a champion of gay rights and the sweeping reform of Wall Street, shed a tear during the ceremony. "It was no different than any other wedding I've attended when you have two people who are in love with each other."
And that's all we need to know.
A couple, in love, tied the knot over the weekend.
Congrats to Barney and James. 



Cubby said...

This makes me so happy. And Barney's hubby is a bit of a hottie!

the dogs mother said...

How romantical! :-) said...

Barney Frank has done more for LGBT Americans than most give him credit for. Congratulations!

Wonder Man said...


Peter said...

Just wondering how many of his senate colleagues turned up at the wedding?

Ron said...

Good, good news. Congratulations Barney and Jim!