Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That's Our Nikki: She Has One Of Her Friends Give Her Daughter A State job

Our beloved [?] Guv’nah, the dishonorable Nikki Haley has seen to it that at least one South Carolinian has gotten a job in these tough economic times.
Her 14-year-old daughter is working in the State House gift shop, which is run by the S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, a state agency whose director, Duane Parrish, is appointed by Haley.
She appoints a man who hires her children.
That’s our Nikki, working for all of South Carolina, starting first with her friends and family.
Parks, Recreation and Tourism officials have referred all questions by South Carolina newspaper, The State, about the teen’s job, including whether or not it was in the agency’s budget, to the governor’s office, but, not so surprisingly, Nikki Haley isn’t talking about it.
Instead, her office is chastising the newspaper for even asking the question: “The State newspaper ... should be ashamed for printing details of a 14 year old’s life and whereabouts, against the wishes of her parents and the request of the chief of SLED, who is ultimately responsible for her security. We have nothing more to say.”
Foot stomp. Head snap.
But then, because even her own party wondered WTF she was doing, Nikki pulled a Mittsy and did The Step back, giving some of the information requested; although she didn’t speak to The State, she gave her tidbits of uselessness to The Post and Courier of Charleston
Haley’s spokesbot, Rob Godfrey, told the paper that Haley’s daughter usually works 20 to 25 hours a week and is paid $8 an hour, the same as all entry-level workers at the gift shop. He also said the hours of other gift shop workers were not cut to accommodate the daughter’s position.
A Parks, Recreation and Tourism spokesman says that Haley’s daughter is one of seven to 12 workers who clean and stock shelves, and admits that the job was never advertised, calling that standard procedure for seasonal positions.
How do you hire folks unless you advertise the availability of a position? Or, do you just send a list to Nikki and she finds someone she knows to fill the space?
Haley’s office has not responded to questions about nepotism.
State law prohibits public officials from causing the employment of a family member to a position they supervise or manage, but, and here’s the glitch, while Haley does not supervise the gift shop, she does supervises the agency that operates it.
Dick Harpootlian, chairman of the S.C. Democratic Party says the issue isn’t about the daughter it’s about Nikki’s continued lack of judgment and being a complete moron.
Okay, maybe that last bit was just me.
Harpootlian said: “You don’t use your position to get your daughter a job. It’s not about the daughter. It’s about lack of judgment by the governor [and the] appearance of impropriety doesn’t seem to bother the governor.”
Of course not, because she doesn’t believe in accountability. Or transparency.
And yet, in South Carolina—where we are blessed with the nation’s fourth-highest unemployment rate and a governor who boasts of cutting state spending—Nikki’s hiring of her own daughter does raise questions of favoritism.
And, when, during an impromptu press conference last week, Robert Kittle, a WSPA-TV reporter from Spartanburg, asked Haley about her daughter working at the gift shop, and she snapped back, “Y’all are not allowed to talk about my children.”
But Kittle pressed on, asking Haley if the story really wasn’t about nepotism and she snapped, again: “None of that is true,” Nikki whined. “That’s what makes me angry. Not only is this a story about my daughter, it’s a story that is based on false facts and none of that is true. Do not attack my children. Do not even talk about my children.”
Kittle said the issue wasn’t about the daughter but about what Nikki had done.
 “I’m not going to talk about it anymore,” Haley said. “My children are off limits.”
Unless they need a job, apparently, but….
That’s our Nikki!


the dogs mother said...

I guess I must be behind on child labor laws - no Ponder kids allowed to work until age 16. But looked it up and the age is now 14 in our state.

Wonder Man said...

She should be voted out soon