Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The 7 Most Anti-Gay Representatives, And .... Big Surprise .... They're All Republican

Remember when the GOP stormed Congress during the last election on the rallying cry that Obama had done nothing to fix the economy so they would step in and make everything right for America?
Yeah. Didn’t happen. But what did happen was that a group of anti-LGBT Republicans introduced ten major anti-gay bills, resolutions, and amendments in the U.S. House of Representatives. While 144 Members of Congress have sponsored or co-sponsored at least one of these anti-LGBT proposals, seven members of Congress signed on to five or more of the pro-discrimination measures.
So, who are these homophobic--all Republican, all the time--Representatives?
  • Rep. Tim Huelskamp, a Republican from Kansas authored his state’s constitutional amendment that banned both same-sex marriage and civil unions; he authored an amendment to ban a directive that would allow not force military chaplains to voluntarily solemnize same-sex union; he authored an amendment to “prohibit the use of funds to be used in contravention of the Defense of Marriage Act,” and authored a bill to ban the use of military facilities for any same-sex unions. And he didn't stop there, because, you know, he was all done fixing the economy and stuff; he also co-sponsored three measures just to criticize the Obama administration for not defending the Defense of Marriage Act, to direct the Speaker of the House to defend the law instead, and to delay implementation of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal.
  • Rep. W. Todd Akin, a sixth-term Republican Congressman from Missouri, warned us all in 2006 that “anybody who knows something about the history of the human race knows that there is no civilization which has condoned homosexual marriage widely and openly that has long survived.”
  • Rep. Dan Burton, a fifteenth-term GOP Congressman from Indiana, who is thankfully retiring at the end of 2012, loves to say that “Marriage between a man and a woman has been the foundation of human civilization for thousands of years all around the world.”
  • Rep. Phil Gingrey, a fifth-term Georgia GOP  Congressman, often cites God a s his reasons for supporting an anti-gay constitutional amendment--he's never heard of Separation of Church and State--and has said, "I don't like the secularism that’s occurring in this country one bit and I think it is incumbent upon those of us [that] stand strong, to stand very strong, in regard to that and say ‘look, [my wife] and I believe that marriage is a sacrament.’”
  • Rep. Vicky Hartzler, a first-term GOP Congresswoman from Missouri, was spokes-bigot for that anti-gay constitutional amendment effort in Missouri and has compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia and letting three-year-olds drive cars.
  • Rep. Doug Lamborn, a third-term Republican from Colorado, came under fire for racially insensitive comments that associating with President Obama was like “touching a tar-baby.”
  • Rep. Donald A. Manzullo, a tenth-term GOP Congressman from Illinois, recently lost re-nomination after reportedly telling House Republican Leader Eric Cantor--another anti-LGBT GOP goose-stepping fool--that the devout Jew was not “saved.”
And there are fourteen more House Republicans who either sponsored or co-sponsored at least four of these anti-LGBT proposals, and just one Democrat; and he is Mike McIntyre from, big surprise, North Carolina, who co-sponsored a proposed constitutional amendment to anti-gay marriage. 
All of the other 143 anti-gay activists were Republicans who have also committed $1.5 million in taxpayer funds to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court. 
This is all funny, sick, sad and twisted, when you hear crybaby GOP goose-stepper-in-chief, and Speaker of the House, John Boehner, downplay the Republican focus on social issues and say he'd rather talk about jobs.
Yeah, I'd rather the GOP talk about jobs, but they aren't. They're too busy being homophobes and bigots and haters; they continue to be a Do-Nothing Congress.


R.J. said...

I'm shocked none of them are from Texas. I guess Louie Gohmert isn't trying hard enough to be an asshat, which is ironic when you think about his TV appearances.

the dogs mother said...

We are pleased to not have a dog in this fight.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Ugh to All

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Dan Burton, retire? Didn't retire once before? I believe it when that old gasbag goes and does it.

Debbie said...

HA! If you really want to call them on their hypocrisy, Google Vietnam Draft Dodgers ... THEY'RE ALL THERE! Newt, Bush, Mitch McConnell, Trent Lott, everybody's favorite Telle Tubby Rush Limbaugh, Ted Nugent, Rudy Giuliani. It's disgusting how these self-righteous morons wave the flag and profess to love America so much and almost NONE of them served their country. My grandfather (WWI), my dad (Korea), five uncles (WWII and Korea) cousins (Vietnam) all American born Mexican-Americans, thank you. AND PROUD.

Great post.