Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Ain't One To Gossip, But.....

Okay, so Christina Aguilera’s life is kind of up and down the last couple of years. A few drinks she's up, a few more and she's down.....on the ground. Literally.
She's ALLEGEDLY gotten so drunk that she fell asleep  in Jeremy Renner's bed, and not so ALLEGEDLY botched the National Anthem. She took a tumble at the Grammys and has, again ALLEGEDLY, threatened to fire any of her minions who suggest that maybe she lay off the sauce a little.
And she's been enabled by her seemingly jobless boyfriend Matt Rutler, whose job it is to hold her up and off the pavement on her frequent nights out. She's also been enabled by NBC, who hired her as a "coach" for their Idol-esque, The Voice.
But, after ALLEGEDLY being an annoying diva know-it-all on the show, treating her fellow judges like riff-raff by refusing to associate with them off camera, it turns out that The Voice producers aren’t so terribly Team X-tina these days.
Could she be getting the boot?
While Aguilera is under contract for season two, a source close to the show--and by source I mean Cee Lo, says: “She doesn’t spend time with her contestants like she’s supposed to. She doesn’t participate. She spends most of her time on the set with her boyfriend.”
Add to that the rumors that she does a little drinking on the job, and it seems that she may not be back for season three.
Naturally, Christina’s reps were quick to deny the story as “completely false”.
Now, to be fair, i loves me some Christina because the girl can sang. but she needs to stop with the boozy, floozy stuff and get her act back togther. And maybe then she can quit the 
reality TV game before it quits her.

There are still some rumbles about the rumor a few weeks back that Jada Pinkett Smith and hubby Will were calling it quits. in fact, rumor had it that Jada was doing the deed with Marc Anthony, her costar on the recently canceled HawthoRNe. In fact, folks say it was the Smith-Anthony hook-up that sent JLo on the loose again.
But now there are some folks buzzing that maybe it wasn't Jada, and that it's Will who has the new romance, or, well, bromance, according to that bastion of journalistic integrity, The National Enquirer. A source--and by source I mean some gossipy queen...and not me--says Will Smith is keeping company with singer Trey Songz, and says that, last month in Miami, Will and Trey not only sat next to each other at a charity event, but that they enjoyed a lovely dinner for two afterwards. In fact, one of Trey's friends, record executive Troy Taylor, kept the flame on that rumor going by telling the Enquirer that his lips are sealed about their relationship: “I know that Trey and Will have been friends for a very long time, but I can’t speak to the nature of their relationship. It’s none of my business.”
Hmmmm. Um, isn't "I can't speak to the nature of their relationship" kind of speaking to the 'nature' of their relationship? 
Just sayin'.

Oh Madge.
On the heels of Hydrangea-Gate, where she was just a bitch about flowers, she made her own little video where she non-apologetically did not apologize for not liking The Hydrangea.
Not the point, dear. the point is, you're a bitch. Which makes the fact that the Venice Film festival audiences laughed at your directorial debut, W.E., which is not a comedy, all the more fun.
And, more fun ensued when, while promoting her non-comedy laugh riot at the Toronto International Film Festival, the apropos named TIFF, Madge ALLEGEDLY asked that festival volunteers  never, ever, look at her directly.
Maybe the Botox injection sites were still red, or her surgery scars hadn't healed.
W.E. What.Ever.
What was funny was when when eight of those volunteers all dutifully stood with their backs to her as she passed.
Of course, maybe they feared that if they stared too deeply into Madge's eyes, they'd all be speaking with a fake British accent, too.

Kate Gosselin is so fame hungry, and so unable to live her life without being on TV that she vowed to Matt Lauer on the Today Show that the first chance she and her kids get to be on TV again, she’s going to take it. 
While Jon may be satisfied with mediocrity, Kate says she wants the best opportunities for her kids and that can only be achieved through living their lives on TV and subsequently living their adult years in therapy, and/or, behind bars.
She actually said: “There is sadness, because it’s the end of an era,” Kate said. “I feel sad for my kids because of all of the opportunities that they’re now questioning what’s gonna happen.....It’s a situation where Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids, and working a regular job — I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent, I think that to be a good parent is to work as hard as you can and give them the best opportunities in life, and [reality TV] has provided that."
Oh, honey, so your ex-husband, working a real job instead of selling his children on TV is living a mediocre life? But you, who want cameras intruding on every single moment of you and your children's lives is doing what's best?
Six years on reality TV has turned this woman into a compete moron. She thinks she's somehow privileged, because she whored out her children.  She thinks she’s somehow important because the world watched her marriage implode on TV.
It isn't the Gosselin children who want the fame and the TV.
It's Kate.
The World's Greatest Sell Your Children For Profit Mother.

New romance alert.
New fake romance alert.
Jennifer Lopez and professioanl ladies man, Bradley Cooper, were spotted out on a “romantic date” over the weekend, and it seems like all the big gossipy spots--like, um, here?--got the story staright from La Lopez' people. 
And those people are making it sound like Bradley Cooper, serial dater, has been lusting for JLo for years, and is thrilled to now be her "offical" boyfriend: “It was a date.. [he] has been after her for ages - calling her for a while.” 
of course, his people, or my people, or some people, are saying it was a buysiness diner, because the two might be involved ina project togteherr. A project like, say, reviving JLo's tepid movie career, or a project like making Cooper seem like he's interested in women.
I mean, c'mom, Bradley Cooper has been linked to enough high profile women to make it seem suspect, and like his people are trying to sell us a ladies’ man image that doesn’t mesh with reality.
But still some folks say it's all JLo, who set Cooper up by inviting him to a business dinner and then leaking the details like they were on a date. 
That sounds JLo. She ALLEGEDLY did the same thing to Ralph Fiennes when they were filming Maid in Manhattan. In fact, Fiennes even admitted as much at the time: “I had dinner with her and her producer and her manager who’s in the background of the shot as well. That didn’t upset me because it was just so not true and so badly set up.”
By JLo. Desperately seeking attention JLO.


froggy said...

15 years down the road I hope the Gosselin kids next reality show isn't Lockup on MSNBC.

BananaHead said...

I was at TIFF, and talked to several staff members at a restaurant that absolutely refused to turn around for her. Fuck that.

Can't let the mere mortals gaze upon her, eh? That makes me sad.It's the regular joes that made her what she is. Sense of entitlement much?

Anonymous said...

Madonna is not only a first rate bitch but her career was officially over when she did that horrible movie with Sean Penn.

I don't feel sorry for Kate Gosselin. She pimped her kids for profit and she already did DWTS. It's not our fault the only career opportunities in front of a camera she has left are Celebrity Rehab and porn?

Cubby said...

My straight-dar works about as well as my gaydar, which is to say it is totally broken. I have a hard time telling anyone's sexuality. However, I'm pretty sure Will Smith is straight. Not that I'd kick him out of my bed or anything ;-)

Kate Gosselin is self-centered beyond all measure. She says it's all for the kids, but it's really all for her. All the attention of having a sudden large family turned her into a bad person. It didn't help that she embraced it.

I felt and continue to feel so sorry for Jon. He is a true hero for refraining, on multiple occasions, from sending Kate back to hell. I could never have remained as calm as him while she made a complete fool of herself on an hourly basis.

I'd like to know who is going to pay for the lifetime of psychotherapy all of those children are going to need.

mistress maddie said...

No, Bob, the reason Madge's volunteers turned, is that they heard they could turn into stone. I hear Medusa is just getting to be a bitch in her old age.

Biki said...

When I loaded this post, I saw an odd looking blonde, but waited to find out who it was until I read down to that point. Shock! That's Madonna? Really? Holy Ketchup! She looks terrible for only 53.

I could care less what sexuality Will Smith enjoys. Straight, Bi, Gay, its all good to me. He seems to live a decent life, cares for his kids, and is a kick ass actor.

There is a special room in Hell for mothers like Kate. I feel ever so sorry for those kids. They are already exhibiting behavorial issues, and unless Jon has his way and they drop out of the camera lens, the issues will only grow.

Who is JLO....oh yeah I remember her. She's still around?