Thursday, June 04, 2009

More News Of The Weird, South Carolina Style.

Authorities have revoked the licenses of an Allendale, South Carolina funeral home and its director after he admitted one of his employees cut the legs of a 6-foot-7 man without the family’s permission so the corpse would fit in a casket.

The state Board of Funeral Service voted unanimously Monday to close Cave Funeral Home in Allendale. The board also fined funeral director Michael Cave $500 and ordered him to pay $1,500 for the investigation.

So, you can dismember a corpse for two-grand in South Carolina.


Bina said...

Okay, so this guys a complete idiot cause I'm thinking if the those legs tucked in the casket, no one would have found out about it, right?

frogponder said...

The mind boggles!

Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

I used to have dinner with a man that owned a funeral parlour here weekly. He had some stories that would just make you shiver about this sort of thing.

Berry Blog said...

You can fit a corpse with cement shoes in Brooklyn for almost nothing, I hear,