Monday, June 01, 2009

It Oughta Be On Curb Appeal

We had a busy week at Chez Smallville last week. No DDBW antics for us; it was more homebody, than homo bodies, but that's okay. For now.

We settled on a painter and we took our house from this:

To this:

And this:

Followed by this:

And this:
I do think it turned out quite nicely. We had originally wanted to go with a sage green, but then with the red it seemed a little too somber, and, well, we ain't somber here at the House Of Smallville. So we picked a very bright green-yellow, which allows the red to stand out.
And stand out it does.
The denizens of Smallville, who've been by to witness the transformation, have all had nice things to our faces. I'm sure behind our backs it was, "Homos and their damned paint choices!"
But that's okay.
My favorite response was from a woman with whom I work, who shall remain nameless....oh hell's Kelly, who said, "I love it, but I don't get the red."
Kelly? Honey? You don't have to get it. Just love it!
We do!


frogponder said...

Looks loverly!
The house next door was Smurf Blue. Oh, my gawd, it looked awful. The owners decided to paint. The neighborhood sighed with relief. They painted it Smurf Blue. Again!
We all cried a little bit. Finally they sold and the new owners painted it..... a nice dove gray. :-)

T.E.W. said...

I think it looks GREAT! You did good if you ask me. And frogponder we currently are stuck between 2 smurf blue houses, and one accross the street.

Dan said...

Dang! I am glad to see I was not the only boy home working. It looks great!

Ultra Dave said...

OOOHHH....I like it!

Beth said...

It pops! Woohoo! I especially love the red interior wall of the porch/walkway. It gives it a nice depth.

David Dust said...

Wow - it looks fantastic. I absolutely love the green and the red together - it totally works.

But you were definitely missed at DDBW ... perhaps next year???


Klou said...

Beautiful! Fresh, crisp and happy. Usually, it's the red that pops, here it's an accent to a bold, tasteful color. I may have to steal a variation of this. Don't worry, I'm way in New Orleans.

Kanani said...

I love the red! I think if it were all green, then it'd be just another house. But the red makes it look more contemporary.

Wonder Man said...

Wow, love it, love it!

Joy said...

I love it! The combination of colors looks great! I'm going to post a picture of my house and get some opinions about what color to paint the trim on it.

Berry Blog said...

I love the whole set up. What a find this place.The addition is great. such an interesting place and the grounds are beautiful as well.

Mark in DE said...

The old color looked very "tired". The new color is fresh and exciting.

We missed you at DDBW though.