Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Music

For Carlos

And for Bea. Who is maybe actually singing with the Man in the Moon now.


Berry Blog said...

What a great find...a friend and I were wracking our tired old grey matter to remember where this song came from to try to find it. and you got it.It brought back memories of the piano bar at old Maxine's in Philadelphia.My young roommate and I loved to dance and sing with the old guys there who knew every B'dwy song all the way back to the 20s.
thanks for this Bob

DuPree said...

So cool - Bea's the only redeeming part of the Lucille Ball miscarriage of a movie.

Thanks for sharing!!

mistress maddie said...

Very nice clip Of Bea from you tube. I have never seen this before. She was one of a kind!