Thursday, May 28, 2009

From The Religious Front

A gay minister in the middle of a dispute about his appointment to a church in a Scottish city said he was “humbled” after the Church of Scotland upheld his appointment.

In a ground-breaking move, the Church’s ruling body voted by 326 to 267 in support of the Reverend Scott Rennie, the British Press Association reported Sunday.

The 37-year-old’s appointment at Queen’s Cross Church in Aberdeen, on Scotland’s northeast coast, provoked opposition from traditionalist members of the church and has led to fears it could cause a damaging split.

More than 400 Church ministers and almost 5,000 Church of Scotland members are said to have signed an online petition, organized by the Fellowship of Confessing Churches, against the appointment.

Papers lodged with the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly in Edinburgh claimed scriptures in the Old and New Testament describe same-sex activity as a “wrong choice.” However, Rennie’s supporters argued that the Bible does not directly address homosexual relationships, which are now “essentially a feature of modern society.”

We're here.

We're queer.

Get used to it.


johnmichael said...

This is awesome!

frogponder said...

Good for them.

I was thinking - all the strictures in the Bible - didn't they all have a basis in the current situation of the day? There were tons of dietary laws, most of them having to do with food safety. A situation we don't have to do today.
So their old stricture on same sex activity - maybe because it wasn't reproductive sex? So was masturbation - bad because it was not reproductive. And I'm thinking that all heterosexual couples were only supposed to be sexually active with the goal of reproduction in mind.
ALL things we don't have to worry about today. We have way to much reproduction going on. Way too many tossed away children, poorly cared for children, children pushed off to state care.
So sexual activity, just for itself, seems like a better alternative. Don't make babies unless you are prepared to care for them. Then I'd be unemployed...

Stephen said...

This seems to prove, again, that the ignorant & the haters have less ammo when people actually KNOW gay people. A strong argument for getting out of the closet.
Great post.

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Lou said...

You're tagged Bob

Berry Blog said...

Ah the wisdom fron under a kilt

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