Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Common Sense Sounds Like This

"The hypocrisy of this is that you ask people to act as if they are not what they are. I said at one point that it's a little like asking a Jewish person to pretend to be a Muslim during his or her service, or during life generally...The no-necks who keep pushing this policy really need to have it changed, not studied, not long hearings, but changed. And it needs legislation, it needs people in the House and the Senate to come forward and say this is time to make America be what America says it is."

former Secretary of the Army Clifford Alexander on Don't Ask, Don't Tell


Joy said...

I saw him on Rachel's show and really liked what he said.

Anonymous said...

That is hands down the best way I've heard it put to date. Thanks for sharing it.

Mark in DE said...

Too bad those with common sense get very little air time, unless they have their own show like Bill Maher.