Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pretty Things. Funny Things.

My Dad lives near Newport Oregon and took these pictures while he was out and about. After a couple of days of Prop H8 rants I decided to put up a little something pretty. And something pretty cute.

These are crab floats used to set cages in and around Newport Harbor. I love all the colors.
And down there is a Sea lion who woke up when my father started clicking his picture. Maybe he should be on Make Me A Supermodel.

And this is Newport Harbor, with the bridge in the background.

As for this one.
We're having the house painted and I had to corral all the cats into the sunroom so the painters could open the windows and do the trim and the sills. Tuxedo and Tallulah promptly fell asleep, but little MaxGoldberg, of the Boca Raton Goldbergs, went in the CPP--Cat Protection Program. He hid under couch cushions and stayed there until the painters left.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Max Goldberg looks like my Jackson Brown, of the Natchitoches Browns!

frogponder said...

When we were little kids we once had a treasure hunt on the Oregon beaches. We were sure we were going to find buried treasure but the adults had hidden a bunch of fresh crab. Huh? They were dinner later on and now, as an adult, I appreciate the treasure-ness of fresh crab :-)

Loves MaxGoldberg.

Beth said...

Great pictures--I love the crab float pic...they look like candies!

Berry Blog said...

Wants not part of this huh?good thing his hired help looks before they sit.

Ray Ray said...

Beautiful pics. Oregon is an amazing state I hope we can retire there.

Joy said...

These are great! I want to go to the PNW, and these photos make me want to even more. That is so cute of Max!

Mark in DE said...

Great post/photos.