Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Mister President

I have sent the following letter to President Obama, expressing my disappointment in his reactions and relations to the LGBT community since his election. I have said before, I hate to think he was a "say anything, do anything" candidate, but it seems as though I may have been wrong.
If you want to express your disappointment to Mr. Obama, use this link to do so. And thanks to Mark, over at Running With Blue Sponge, who gave me the idea.

Mr. President,
As a gay man I was overjoyed to support you in your bid for the White House. I saw in you a new hope for the future, a chance to feel included a s a gay man, a chance for change. You asked for my help, for the help of the entire LGBT community, and we gave it to you because we believed you were on our side.
But I grow disappointed each day, Mr President.
You campaigned on the idea of ending DADT, and yet now it seems as though that is a non-issue in your administration. By not coming through on your promise, you continue to let gay men and women lose their careers because of some antiquated, homophobic ideal that gay people are unfit to serve their country.
That is discrimination. And it's wrong.
When marriage equality passed in Maine....I wanted to hear from you, but I didn't. When the issue arose in New Hampshire and New York, you said nothing. You have been strangely silent on this issue and I don't know why.
And I want to know why.
Just yesterday, the California Supreme Court allowed discrimination of a minority by a majority to be the law of the land; California is no longer Golden. And yet you have nothing to say on the issue.
This is discrimination as law; separate but equal as a way of life. This is treating the LGBT community as 'less than.'
And it's enough.
I realize there are so many issues for you to tackle as president. I know times are tough. But you asked for my help, and offered to help me live my life as a fully equal member of the United States, and you have fallen short.
I realize we are mere months into your administration, but you don't even talk about us any more. I feel as though the LGBT community and our struggles for equality are a non-issue in your White House. Yet, worse than not speaking about us, you no longer talk to us. I feel no support for our community coming from your administration.
As a gay American, I am deeply disappointed.
As an American who believes we are all equal and should be treated equally, I am disappointed.
As a human being, I am disappointed.


frogponder said...

It wouldn't take much. Just a statement or two while we're all waiting. Making a few things clear and signaling a direction to be taken.
Then you can pave over North Korea...

RAD said...

you rock...great letter!! :-)

Beth said...

that's agreat letter Bob....heartfelt and straight to the point. I hope he reads it.

Lou said...

Great letter Bob. Good luck.

Wonder Man said...

It's a great letter. Hopefully, he will address our issues in time

edder said...

I'll be curious to see if he has anything to say. His recent response to the question "what has humbled you most as President?" was -- and I paraphrase here -- "I don't have the authority I thought I would as President".

We're paying attention from Canada and totally on your side.

mistress maddie said...

I'm with you on this Bob. I just hope it isn't true either. I'd hate to see it happen that way.

Mark said...

Nice letter Bob. Glad I could inspire you to write it. Let's hope others get the idea also and maybe the White House will get the message.

Stephen said...

Excellent letter... I am inspired to do my own.
Thanks Bob!