Friday, May 08, 2009

UPDATE On Oprah and KFC

Carlos works in Columbia doing HIV education/testing/counseling for the homeless and low-income communities. At his office they were able to print up some of the Oprah Free Chicken coupons and pass them out in the homeless community, shelters, churches and such.
But, when the coupons were presented to KFC, the patrons were told that there was an overwhelming response to Oprah's Chicken and that they, KFC, would not....could not....honor the coupons. They would, however, give each homeless person a rebate coupon that they could mail in for another coupon to be used at a later date for Chicken-and-a-Pepsi.
Nice idea.
But..............homeless people don't have an address where they can receive a mail-in rebate.
Once again, out-of-touch Oprah, and KFC, have mucked things up.


Bina said...

That happened in TN, too. They had NO grilled chicken left. AT ALL! LOL

I'm sorry, but if I go to KFC, my ass is going to be there for the EXTRA crispy chicken. I don't want no healthy chicken! LOL

frogponder said...

It wouldn't have been that hard to run the idea by people who work with the homeless. They would have pointed everything out to them right away. They could have tried a test city and worked the bugs out. To me this whole thing was all about promotion and not about helping anyone out.

Ray Ray said...

While her heart is in the right place, the fact that she chose KFC for this endeavor is, well...a tad ridiculous and shows a Palin-esque lack of sophistication. What happened, O?

Bob said...

Bina: True story, and don't hate me, but, i don't eat fast food. Ever.
That's just me.

FP: I have sent your name to Oprah's minions and maybe they'll offer you a job in their new Think-Before-You-Act Offices, which have been empty up till now.

Ray: NIce to see you again. Yes, O's heart was in the right place, but I think her mind was in line waitin' on chicken. =/

Beth said...

Not cool. I hope Oprah gets wind of this and makes things right.

Joy said...

Out of touch big time!

Mark in DE said...

Such stupidity is astonishing.