Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Movie Sunday

We went to the movies yesterday.

Carlos has been working extra days for the past several weeks that we really have had much time off together, and between swollen ankles and rainy days, we've been housebound the rest. So we decided to take a Sunday afternoon and see the new Star Trek movie.

Carlos is a Trekkie, of sorts. He used to watch the old show on a tiny black-and-white TV as a young homo on Mexico. He loved Captain Kirk. Loved, if you, ahem, get my meaning.

As a young homo in California, I, too watched Star Trek, but I thought Captain Kirk, and by association, William Shatner, was a arrogant blowhard, looking for his inner Denny Crane.

But I love a good popcorn movie as much as I love popcorn, so off we went.

And, I must say, I liked the movie quite a lot. I think it had just enough of the old show to satisfy those that remember when, and enough new stuff to attract people who don't know and don't care about Star Trek....or as some folks still say, and I so want to smack them, Star Track.

But what did I like best about the movie?

Special effects? Oh, they were good all right.
The inspired casting? All the right actors played all the right part.
The story? Time travel and black holes are always good.
Leonard Nimoy back as Spock? yeah, it was nice to see him again.

No, those are all well and good, but after seeing the movie and talking about the movie with Carlos, I came to realise that this is why I liked the movie.

Two words: Chris Pine.
Two more words: Dee-lish.


Malchik Gai said...

Can't say I blame you there one bit. :P I plan on going too, just to see Quinto and his schexy eyebrows, he makes me drool.

Dan said...

we think so much alike it is scary!

Beth said...

You know I loved it! Although not exactly for the same BIG reason that you did (although Chris Pine is definitely adorable). Hey, did you know that his dad is Robert Pine, who played the captain on CHiPS? True story! He was on Craig Ferguson the other night and...he really is adorable.

Beth said...

oh baby!!! those eyes,,,,that chin. whats not to like? I gotta see this flick!

RAD said...

super duper delish....

Ray Ray said...

And how!