Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Fun Facts To Tick Off Republicans

I’m not a person who would hit a bee hive with a stick, and I wouldn’t bum rush a Rottweiler; I wouldn’t even dare take Tuxedo’s food dish away mid-breakfast. But I do like toying with Republicans and their loose, and growing looser, affiliation with what I like to call facts.

So, while trolling cruising searching the interwebs, across what the author of this piece, Allen Clifton at Forward Progressives, calls “Fun Facts To Tick Off Republicans”, because, you know Republicans and facts are like oil and water.

And heeeere they are:
  • Nowhere in our Constitution does it say we’re a Christian nation. In fact, nowhere in our Constitution does the word “Christian” appear even once.
  • Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion—it also doesn’t specify any particular religion.
  • The 2nd Amendment actually refers to a “well regulated militia.”  While it says the right for Americans to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, the phrase “well regulated” obviously infers that this right doesn’t come without regulations.
  • Our Constitution doesn’t mention anything about our nation having to be based on pure Capitalism.
  •  A corporation is an entity, not a person, and our Constitution wasn’t created to protect the rights to entities—they have none.
  • Education is more important than national defense.  What’s the point of a strong national defense if there’s nothing worth defending?
  • There are far more poor and middle class Americans than rich.  If you continue building a society based on taking from the many to benefit the few, then we’re not going to have a nation much longer.
  • Rich people didn’t become rich by giving away their money; Trickle Down Economics is the biggest con our country has ever seen.
  • Decades ago we all paid a much higher tax percentage, and our economic policies protected the people more than businesses.  During these times our nation saw historic growth and unheard of economic prosperity.  None of that was done by basing our policies on giving more to the rich.
  • Perhaps most news seems liberally biased because your news sources refuse to report facts.
  • Being Muslim doesn’t mean someone isn’t American. Islam is a religion, not a nationality.
  • George W. Bush actually did double our national debt, President Obama has not. Bush also inherited a balanced budget.  It was his tax cuts and unfunded wars which sent us back into budget deficits.
  • Social Security and Medicare is socialism—and millions of Republican voters benefit from, and receive, these benefits.
  • Health insurance is you paying for another person’s health care—in fact all insurance is you paying for someone else.
  • We had record oil prices under Bush, not Obama.
  • The “Great Recession” started in 2008, while Obama took office January 20, 2009—you know, after the recession started.
  • If Obama is the cause of our economic problems, why do Republicans avoid, at all costs, being associated with George W. Bush?

So, there you have them: facts. And anyone, even a Republican, who says that any of these aren’t  true, well, bring them to me and, if they can prove these facts to be false, I’ll hit a bee hive with a stick, or bum rush a Rottweiler; or, um, even take Tuxedo’s food dish away mid-breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Good morning!

The only one I might have issue with is: "Perhaps most news seems liberally biased ..." The way the sentence is structured is someone's opinion. That being said, all news these days seems to be 90% opinion. They have to make it entertaining right? How could they just report facts and make it entertaining?
(Personal opinion here: We're being entertained and distracted into oblivion.)

Otherwise, this is spot on.

Thanks for helping me get the mind going this morning.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

BTW, I would never ask anyone to take a kitty's food dish away mid-meal. That's a very dangerous proposition.

the dogs' mother said...

Don't do anything to tick off Tuxedo, we would miss you terribly!

Bob said...

Tuxedo rules the house; his name may not be on the mortgage but he is the Master!

The Cool Cookie said...

To me, one of the great lies of the right is that news is "liberally biased". I think that there is something far worse with news organizations that no longer are able to see the difference between propaganda (FOX, MSNBC - except Madow) and terrible reporting (CNN).

More concerning is how the far right has been trying to dismantle education, defund libraries and take the direct election of Senators away from the voting public. That is the stuff of dictators,

Raybeard said...

Most interesting - and helpful for us outsiders to get an insider's view like this.

As an 'alien', if I may, just a passing comment on the very first point. I seem to remember Geo. Bush Snr saying something to the effect that the American Constitution doesn't include protection for atheists, but that belief in a 'god' was a pre-requisite. I thought that didn't sound right as soon as I heard it. Thanks for indirectly confirming what I felt. Maybe that ex-Pres ought to be more concerned about getting his facts right. Or perhaps facts aren't important when it's considered to be a 'good' line for his side.

Anonymous said...

I love ticking off Republicans, but I'd never tick off Torrie. She rules my house now that Ricky's gone.

Anonymous said...

Right on the money...perhaps you understand why my handle is TRICKLEDOWNBS and is the name of one of my blogs.

raulito said...

Great post!

I don't think there's really "news" any more. Thanks to technological advances, we know everything pretty much as it happens. And "reporting" has become "show and tell". It's become all about being the first.

Joe said...

"Our Constitution doesn’t mention anything about our nation having to be based on pure Capitalism." Of course it doesn't because capitalism wasn't even around when the Constitution was written. We were a mercantile society until the 1830s when the Market Revolution really got going. Though mercantilism is proto-capitalism, it was not fully capitalistic because it was a nationalistic form not one of private enterprise. The initial usage of the term capitalism in its modern sense has been attributed to Louis Blanc in 1850 and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in 1861.