Thursday, December 10, 2015

Random Musings

Well, this didn’t work out as planned, or as promised.

Back when Pope Frankie paid a visit to Philadelphia, it was reported that the World Meeting of Families — whatever that is — would cover all costs for the papal visit, except …

They won’t, and now the city of Philadelphia, er, the people of the city of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, are on the hook for roughly half of the $17 million it took to cover "Frankie Goes To Philly."

Eight million bucks? Why that’s just half of Frankie’s yearly shoe budget at Prada.
I kinda have always liked John Stamos. He was cute as a younger actor, but he’s quite hot now.

So, why John, why, did you take a page from the Kardastrophe playbook and pose for Paper magazine bare-assed?

I mean, I like that you’re bare-assed — it’s a nice ass ... though I’ve seen better — but when you take the lead from one of that Klan it just seems pathetic and try hard.
UPDATE: Y’all remember last week I posted about Lake Lure Academy in North Carolina that banned all school groups after some parents got all pissy about the formation of an LGBT group? If now, the refresher is HERE.

Anyway, the brass at the school responded to a warning letter from the ACLU of North Carolina by voting night to resume all student-led clubs:
"To the students who are currently in the newly-formed gay-straight alliance, or any student who may wish to participate in the future, we respect you as individuals and support you as members of our school family. We support your club just as we do the chess club, Raptors for Christ and all other clubs that exist or may form under our policy guidelines. Our school is a place of inclusion, not exclusion."
That should’a been the policy long before some parents got involved.
So, on the heels of that terrorist attack in San Bernardino last week, Republican of course, Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore released her holiday card featuring everyone, save the toddlers, armed and loaded … because nothing says Christmas like Lunatics with Guns:
“It’s up to Americans to protect America. We’re just your ordinary American family. - With love & liberty, Michele.”
Um, no you’re not, Michelle, You and your clan have stolen Christmas for the NRA and nothing says Jesus is the reason for the season like this idiotic display.

Go f**k yourselves.
Speaking of crazy … there’s a little less crazy down in the Lonestar State … for the moment.

Last week Texas GOP leaders voted down two controversial proposals:

1] Calling yet again for the state to secede from the Union — though a lot of us would be like, “Don’t let the door hit you, where the Good lord split you.”

2] The call to move the party’s convention out of Dallas over that city’s recent decision to strengthen LGBT protections. 

Yup, even Texas gets it right … sometimes.
Okay, it’s enough already.

Ever since her mother died last year Melissa Rivers has been riding Joan’s coattails harder than ever. She posts from mama’s Facebook page, she gives interviews to talk about her mother; she took over hosting of the Fashion Police after Joan’s death and Kathy Griffin’s disastrous attempts to revive the brand, and now this …

Melissa says that David O. Russell asked her if she would do a little cameo as the late Joan Rivers in Joy and she did it. Yes, she’s now playing her own mother on film.

I’m getting “Joan Crawford playing her daughter Christina’s character in that soap opera” realness and it’s making me ill.

Enough already!


Professor Chaos said...

How many guns do you need to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace?

anne marie in philly said...

ummmmmmm, ass.

and yeah, we the taxpayers were screwed over by the RCC for the poop's visit. don't know how we're gonna handle the dem convention next year either.

the dogs' mother said...

oh, my - the kitten! :-) The Spontaneous Kittens were adopted before they could turn on us...

mistress maddie said...

John stamos. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He really melts my butter. And as far as Melissa Rivers, never could stand her.

Raybeard said...

Re Papa Frankie's visit to the 'City of Brotherly Love'(!) - I should have thought that taxpayers would have been only too happy to help ameliorate Vatican costs when the latter is already having to pay out such grotesquely large sums as compensation for abuse victims. R.C. taxpayers in particular ought to be gratefully coughing up for having had the honour of the Hol(e)y Father's presence, which surely brought them closer to Heaven - well, if not, at least his own luxury flight to America and back took Frankie higher up into the sky, when he could look down and smile at all his gullible, worshipping flocks.

Mitchell is Moving said...

John Stamos was a lot more attractive when he left something to the imagination.

I was so appalled by Michele Fiore's Christmas card (and her politics in general), but didn't know quite what to say to her and her family. Now I do. "Go f**k yourselves." Thanks, Bob.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Raptors for Christ? What the hell is that? Round here the only raptors we have are red kites and buzzards and perhaps the odd peregrine falcon or two.

Not sure why it cost so much for the pope to visit Philadelphia; did he have a gold bathtub especially made? Surely the Catholic diocese should cover the costs or the Vatican, not the citizens of Philly who surely had no choice in the matter.