Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Kathryn Knott's Tweets Might Send Her To Jail

Remember Kathryn Knott? She was part of that trio of Philadelphia gay bashers who beat up a same-sex couple in Center City? And remember how her two cohorts took a plea deal and Knott refused?

Well, it’s not going to get easier for her now that a judge has decided that the anti-gay tweets Kathryn Knott posted to her Twitter account can be introduced at her assault trial next month.

She’ll have a hard time convincing anyone she isn’t a bigoted intolerant homophobe when she Tweeted these things:
krisssstenxoxo the ppl we were just dancing with just turned and mafe [sic] out with eatch [sic] other #gay #ew
jazz flute is for little fairy boys
@g0_nads he's gonna rip me today for my hair..just wait. #dyke
this camo song is gay like all the other brad paisley songs
During a pre-trial motions hearing, Michael Barry, chief of the District Attorney's Central Division, told the court that Knott had posted "a number of tweets which clearly indicate a general dislike to a disgust of gays and lesbians and people of other backgrounds" and said he wanted the Tweets admitted because "they are overwhelmingly relevant" and show a motive for her behavior on that night:
"She does not like gay people. This is why the fight happened … She’s one of the people who jumped in and joined the assault."
On September 11, 2014, Kathryn Knott was among a group of about 15 people who encountered Andrew Haught and Zachary Hesse on the street; Knott and others were accused of hurling anti-gay slurs at the couple and assaulting the two men during a fight.

Andrew Haught was punched about four times and put in a head lock before he fell to the ground, motionless and bleeding from his mouth. He spent five days in the hospital and his broken jaw was wired shut for several weeks. Zachary Hesse was punched in the face as well and suffered two black eyes and facial cuts.

Knott’s Co-defendants in Hate — Philip Williams and Kevin Harrigan — accepted plea deals to avoid trial: Williams plead guilty to aggravated assault and conspiracy and was sentenced to five years' probation, while Harrigan plead guilty to simple assault and conspiracy and was sentenced to three years' probation. Both were ordered to perform community service at an LGBT center, to stay away from Center City while on probation and to pay restitution.

Knott turned down any plea offer and opted to take her case to trial where her words will be used to prosecute her in court. In addition, the jury will hear from witnesses who say Kathryn Knott ran into the fight and even punched Hesse, while calling both men “faggot[s].”
Knott's attorney maintains that Knott didn't touch any of the victims and that she is not homophobic but …

Sticks and stones … and fists … may break their bones, but Kathryn Knott’s own words may send her to jail.


Blobby said...

I think the other two's plea deal should have been contingent on them testifying on what happened that night at any trial that ever comes up.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I agree with Blobby. But I'm very glad to learn this news about knott-head.

the dogs' mother said...

Terrible incident, terrible people, what happened to
treat one another as you would like to be treated?

anne marie in philly said...

I wanna bitchslap this (c-word)'s face til it bleeds! she is a disgrace to my city and I resent her even breathing my air!

The Black Male Nudist said...

She'll get hers in the end....