Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: House Within A House

It looks rundown; it looks threatening. But, I guess you shouldn’t judge a book—or a house in the woods—by its cover, or in this case, its exterior.

This 200-year-old stone house in Linescio, Switzerland certainly proves that case because, from the outside, the walls seem to be crumbling constantly and you’d never believe it was habitable. But that’s it was only renovated on the inside.

Buchner Bründler Architekten completed this unique restoration that basically involved building a house inside the crumbling other house. They left the exterior more or less untouched, and built a fresh interior shell using a minimalist design approach, so, while the outside retains the rugged stones that made up the original walls, the inside now has fresh concrete surfaces—each slab carefully brought inside and assembled on-site—and modern finishes like tall wooden shutters that fold open to reveal the original window frames, a new bathtub sunk into a concrete floor, and a single slab as a kitchen counter.

The outside is rustic and old, and still seems to be crumbling, while the inside, while kind of bunker-like, is new and fresh and ready to use for another 200 years.


the dogs' mother said...

Interesting and nice to preserve history.
I agree with the bunker like vibe.

mistress maddie said...

reminds me of a place here in new hope. It's called the Ruins. The outside is old and looks abandoned, but the inside is much like this. It's an interesting place.

The Cool Cookie said...

Interesting. Heidi on the outside, but Fail Safe on the inside.

After living in Tudor Cottage for almost three years, I am done with structural masonry. Too cold.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Fascinating. But I don't think I'd ever use that toilet.