Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rand Paul Goes After Marco Rubio For Not Showing Up To Work

Infighting is fun … like last week when Rand Paul ran a new campaign ad attacking on Marco Rubio over his abysmal voting record, and noting that Rubio couldn’t even be bothered to show up for a vote on that $1.8 trillion package of spending and tax cuts that he said he hated; the bill passed with bipartisan support.

So Paul ran to Fox news because, where else, to complain that Rubio has the worst attendance record of any of the people running for president this year, showing up just 64of the time — by contrast, Bernie Sanders, also on the campaign trail—has shown up 91of the time — and because of Rubio’s horrid attendance, Rand Paul wants him to resign and or give back his pay:
“It may have been the most important vote of the year, but certainly the largest spending bill of the year, and yeah, I think if you are being paid by the taxpayer, you should show up and vote. And so I think this is a big issue. And for him to say he’s only going to show up when it’s a close vote, I don’t think that passes musterI think really that he ought to just resign or probably give his pay back because he’s not really earning his pay at this point.”
Of course, Marco Rubio, who has said he will not seek reelection to the Senate from Florida even when he loses his bid for the White House, has tried to defend his absenteeism, by saying that he kinda hates his job:
“I don’t know that ‘hate’ is the right word. I’m frustrated. That’s why I’m missing votes. Because I am leaving the Senate. I am not running for reelectionI’m not missing votes because I’m on vacation. I’m running for president so that the votes they take in the Senate are actually meaningful again.”
That of course, makes no sense, though he has clearly stopped working for the people of Florida.

Now, imagine if you will, a President Rubio, who wins in 2016, and then wins again in 2020, but decides he just won’t do anything after the election because he can’t get anything done, because he's frustrated, or because he just doesn't want the job any longer.

That’s so presidential.

And, for the sake of argument, how crazy is it that I’m in agreement with Rand Paul? Huh? What? But, yeah, Marco Rubio, since he doesn’t want to do the job, should quit and stop taking the paycheck.


the dogs' mother said...

It's okay, just on this one subject. :-)

Bob Slatten said...

Yeah, but I best not let it become a habit!

Professor Chaos said...

Hey, I hate my job, too. Can I stop showing up and still get my paycheck?

Raybeard said...

Hmmmmm - Sounds like this needs to be settled by a duel. Handbags at dawn, then?

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'm with Rand Paul on this; you don't like your job? Resign or hand back the paychecks!