Thursday, December 17, 2015

Anti-Racists Drown Out Islamophobic Rally

We’ve all heard that mantra, in these times of terrorist threats, that if we “see something” we should “say something.”

I also think that applies to when you “hear something.” One way to stem this tide of Islamophobia in this country is to say something when someone plays the Islamic Terrorist card. I suggest something like, oh, I don’t know where I heard this , but maybe …
Muslims aren’t terrorists; terrorists are terrorists.
And that mantra was quite evident this past week when a group of anti-Muslims fanatics, in favor of that ban on Muslim immigration, gathered outside the White House to protest.

True, there were only about six of these asshat on the streets, but still, a group of anti-racist demonstrators overwhelmed them and began shouting them down.

If you hear something …

These protesters, who outnumbered the anti-Muslim gang by at least 3 to 1, chanted slogans against bigotry and waved placards expressing solidarity with Muslims. They even used a sheet to hide the anti-Muslim protesters from passersby.

Anti-Muslim protester Ed Speiger, right, who traveled from West Virginia to speak his hate, tried to shout out his anti-Muslim message with a megaphone but couldn’t be heard over the chants of the counter-protesters.
“Can we have a conversation instead of a bunch of chanting?” — Ed Speiger shouted … from his megaphone
He said he and his band of haters were protesting against “radical Islam” and the supposed failure of ordinary Muslims to adequately condemn terrorism committed in the name of Islam.

Perhaps Fox News and Brietbart haven’t reported anything about all the Muslims organizations and individuals who have called for a condemnation of these terrorist acts.
But, as haters are apt to be, Ed Speiger is completely misinformed, and, well, dumb; he said that while he agreed with [t]Rump on restricting Muslim entry into this country, he said the ban  should not apply to U.S. citizens, but “U.S. Muslims.”

Um, Ed? Dimwit? A U.S. Muslim is a U.S. citizen.

And as if spewing their hatred, and ignorance, vocally wasn’t enough, the group that organized the event via Facebook — in a post that has since been removed — had said they planned to burn Qurans, but then canceled the idea on the grounds that it was reportedly illegal to do so.

I wonder how they might feel if protesters burned Bibles on the street, but I guess they don’t think …

But the best part of this is that these Islamophobes were outnumbered, which might mean that this special brand of ignorance isn’t as widespread as we thought, though it is quite vocal. And, like I said, the way to stop it …

Say something.


the dogs' mother said...

Good to hear this. :-)

Mitchell is Moving said...

Good people!

Biki Honko said...

Yipee! Reason wins today! Hopefully this is a sign of Americans coming to their senses.