Friday, December 11, 2015

Who? Me? Thanks Anne Marie For This Award

So, last weekend that wacky and wild and funny Anne Marie, From My Brain To My Mouth, has nominated me for an award — the Liebster — for which I am extremely grateful and awed … because, you know, I was hoping for an Oscar first.

And since I had some pre-planned posts and since Donald [t]Rump went off the rails … again … it’s taken me a few days to respond.

I am supposed to nominate 11 other blogs for this award, but I’ll simply ask that those who like the idea just play along and see what we can learn about our internet families …

Here are the 11 Questions:
1] Which literary genre do you prefer?
I read almost everything … and a few things at the same time. I am currently reading Station Eleven …look, there’s that eleven again … about a traveling troupe of Shakespearean actors in a post-apocalyptic world. I am also reading Z, about Zelda Fitzgerald, F. Scott’s wife. And I am rereading A Clockwork Orange.
2] Why did you start blogging?
I like to write, I have a definite POV and I like sharing ideas and thoughts with other folks. Plus, I like to read blogs, so if I was gonna read, I’d bettah write, right?
3] Order or chaos?
I am all about order, but understand that there will be chaos.
4] Where would you like to live?
I could, and have, lived in a variety of places, big and small and Smallville, but as long as Carlos is there that’s where I live. Oh, and as long as it's not too far from the ocean; I need to be able to get to the sea quickly when I feel the urge
5] Starry sky or sunset?
Sunset. I love the way the skies change from the blues of the day to the pinks and oranges and blacks of night.
6] Paper book or e-book?
I have an e-reader that I use when we travel, so I don’t have to carry the books I am reading, but at home, in my chair, propped up in bed, lounging in the sunroom, I must have an actual book that I can touch and smell and turn pages and fall into.
7] What is the writing for?
As for the blog, it’s just to share thoughts and ideas and opinions and fun stuff with people who might be interested. It’s a connection and since I have people dropping by here from every corner of this country and abroad, that’s pretty cool. As for other's writing, it's to learn and grow and understand.
8] TV or not TV?
I love TV; I can watch the good stuff and the crap. It’s a way to hear a story, have a laugh, learn something, or just relax.
9] What do you think about social networks?
Well, there’s’ the blog, of course, so I am into that. I Tweet, mostly to share my blog, and to get breaking news—it was the place to be during that historic Supreme Court decision this past summer to read all those fabulous Tweets about equality. And I Facebook to keep up with friends that are far away and to get some news.
10] Favorite food?
Spicy. I like spicy Indian food, and spicy Asian foods, and spicy Mexican food—though I have learned from Carlos that real Mexican food, at least from where he grew up, isn’t really as spicy as all that.
11] Favorite music genres?
I like a lot of all of it, save rap; I like to read a rap lyric, as long as it isn’t misogynistic or homophobic or violet, because it’s almost like poetry. But I can opera, and I can rock, and I can classical, and I can country—as long as it isn’t too twangy. I pop; and I blues and I standards and I world music, folk music and and … yeah, I like almost all of it.
And now for 11 random things about Bob:
1] I am petrifying shy in situations where I’m not in control or out of my element, though I find that, after the fact, I have enjoyed myself.
2] I have a novel I hope to see published one day and another story in me right now trying to get out.
3] I like my animals more than I like most people … except for Carlos and my family.
4] I am a middle child and nearly everything you’ve heard about middle children fits me.
5] I like mustard with French fires; I loathe ketchup or catsup or whatever that is, though I love tomatoes.
6] I don’t like sweets, unless it’s the Peanut Butter Cup.
7] I awake each and every day with a song in my head; some songs stick around for a few days and some just wander in, but I wake up singing.
8] I am fascinated by death, because I believe in reincarnation and believe I’ll be back; now that doesn’t mean I want to hurry along in this life.
9] I have a very vivid imagination that leans toward the macabre; if I cannot reach Carlos I instantly jump to, “He’s dead.” I can’t help it.
10] I am, and this ain’t bragging, extraordinarily hilarious and extremely quick-witted.
11] I have been in love twice in my life; the first time broke my heart, and this time it healed me.
Now, anyone else wanna play … ?


anne marie in philly said...

#1 - you and I are alike there when it comes to unfamiliar situations.

#5 - that's crazytalk!

I was happy to nominate you.

the dogs' mother said...

:-) Enjoyed the new snippets of bob-knowledge.

Mistress Maddie said...

I still need to fit this in!!! I enjoyed reading yours. But I thought for sure TMZ would be on your horizons

Toni said...

So nice to get to know you better. Surprised to hear how much alike we are.

Toni said...

p.s I want to play!

Bob said...

Do it! It's kinda cathartic!

Anonymous said...

You deserved the award. I've never properly thanked you for adding me to your blog roll as far back as June when I started blogging. It got people reading me and encouraged me to keep going.

Bob said...

Glad you're here, and I love your blog!

Moving with Mitchell said...

I love this! (And it reminds me that I was supposed to do the same. I love your solution to the "tag, you're it issue."

I think we'd get along so well. You translate Carlos. I translate Jerry; you are extremely quick-witted and I can be extremely dim-... well, never mind that. Oh forget it anyway. You don't like sweets!?!?!?!?

Bob said...

Yeah, I'm a savory, not a sweet.

Debbie said...

CONGRATS! You deserve it and its about time! You're a fantastic writer and YOU ARE HILARIOUS and judging by all the info you provided I'm certain we'd be friends in real life :)


Biki Honko said...

I agree with your dislike of ketchup. I do however like it on meatloaf sandwiches, but thats it. Not on burgers, or shudder hot dogs!