Friday, December 18, 2015

Kathryn Knott: Guilty Of Assault!


This morning Kathryn Knott, the Philadelphia homophobe and gay basher, was convicted of simple assault, reckless endangerment and conspiracy to commit simple assault; she was acquitted of four felony counts, including aggravated assault on each of the victims.

Knott cried as the verdict was read, though I doubt she cried as much as the two men she and her friends beat up without provocation last year. She’ll remain free on bail until her February 8 sentencing, where she may just get probation on the misdemeanor counts, but could, and should, get up to two years in jail.

At first, I was angry, annoyed, and bothered by the verdict, and I will no doubt, be angry and annoyed when the sentencing is said and done because I believe she’ll get off rather easily; I don’t see her in jail for two years, nit that I don’t think she deserves it.

But, this will follow her the rest of her days; due to her complete lack of judgment, her possible, drunkenness, and her idea that gay is something to be looked down upon or laughed at, she will forever be known for being convicted of assault.

Years from now, as people meet her, and she looks for work, acquaintances and employers will be able to Google her name and the search will yield:
Kathryn Knott Guilty of Assault
And I like that because maybe, just maybe, it will be a learning moment for future Kathryn Knott’s to think twice before they open their mouths or close their fists.


anne marie in philly said...

GOOD! I'd still like to bitchslap that ugly face til it bleeds!

Jennifer said...

She deserves a tougher sentence than she's likely to get. But I'm also glad that she'll have to live with the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life.

the dogs' mother said...

Glad. :-)
Now to sentencing.

Not Waving But Drowning said...

Her sense of entitlement angers me. I'm sure she went to court, unlike her co-accused, because she thought she'd get off. She's probably got away with a lot , playing on her looks (her real appearance, not her court outfit). She reminds me of one of those mean girls from school, who bullied others. Crime victims don't just suffer physical injury. They are affected financially and mentally. I can only hope that this Little Princess earns the stigma and shame she deserves.

Bob Slatten said...

@Not Waving But Drowning
First: thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.
Second: I with you 100%!

mistress maddie said...

Her sense of entitlement is putting it mildly. If for some reason she gets off easy, she best watch herself in Philly.....she will be most hated, and would benefit her to sleep with one eye open.

Helen Lashbrook said... seen this about a previous postee on your blog?

The Cool Cookie said...

Again, I am trying to think good thoughts, and attractive positive energy, but yeah, I fell off that wagon yesterday when I heard the verdict. She would have done better to take the plea like her buddies.

My take on this is that Knott is a repressed lesbian. Very, repressed. I mean deep, deeply felt anger repressed.

That said, I do not want this bitch going to jail. No. I want her to work for a year in the gay community, for the gay community. THAT would readjust her attitude, and make her face her issue dead on.

In jail, she's just another piece of tail. No, bitch needs to be in the trenches serving those she abused.

Mitchell is Moving said...

One can only hope it will serve as a lesson to someone...