Thursday, December 03, 2015

America ... Under President [t]Rump

And … begin:
Muslims aren’t terrorists, terrorists are terrorists.
And, in my mind, Donald [t]Rump is a terrorist as well. See, while speaking to yet another large crowd of goose-stepping minions, he urged his supporters to watch their neighbors and report them to the police, saying that "there’s something going on in the mosques and other places."

Oh, and to try and make himself sound less like a xenophobic asshat, he did add his usual post-racist remark that some Muslims "are such good people." But, he said, Americans "have to be smart, it's coming from this area, there's something going on, there's some nastiness, there’s some meanness there."

That’s terror; that’s fear. That’s pitting one person against another person because they look different, sound different, love different, worship different. That’s America, under a [t]Rump presidency: fear.

[t]Rump says calling the local police is better than trying to find out which federal agency to call:
"People move into a house a block down the road, you know who’s going in. You can see and you report them to the local police. You’re pretty smart, right? We know if there’s something going on, report them. Most likely you’ll be wrong, but that’s OK."
Yes, that’s okay; calling the police on your neighbors because there is something going on there.

Of course, this comes on the heels of another racist [t]Rump request that we need surveillance of mosques, we need a national database to track Muslims, and we need to turn our backs on the Syrian refugees. [t]Rump has also called for the reintroduction of waterboarding, which is illegal by the way, and is a violation of international treaties, is considered torture and is a war crime, but, hey, if it keeps “them” in check then why not just do it.

Now, before anyone gets their racist feathers in a ruffle, I am all about that adage, “If you see something, say something.” But that has nothing to do with calling the police because you don’t like who’s going into your neighbor’s house, or what your neighbors look like or wear or say.

And let’s be clear: in an America with [t]Rump as president, it’s quite likely that you, too, will be the one the neighbors are reporting to police.

And that’s fear; and that’s terror. And that’s America under President Donald [t][Rump.

But it’s not America.
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the dogs' mother said...

Crossing all fingers and toes we do not even
get a nominee Trump!

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Mitchell is Moving said...

I know it's said all too often about too many people lately, but doesn't Trump's rhetoric seem reminiscent of Hitler as he built his base? Unelievable!