Friday, December 04, 2015

Can I Get An Amen: After Mom Rants About LGBT Week, Students and Parents Fight Back

This spot of Good News comes to us from across the pond … over there to England ... where Anna Erickson-Hull, whose daughter attends King Solomon High School in Ilford Essex, took to Facebook to blast the Jewish faith school’s week of LGBT-inclusive activities and rainbow badges as forcing “filth” on children:

And as bigots tend to do, she lied in her post suggesting that students who didn’t wear the badges would be sent to detention; but that’s what bigots do when they realize they have no leg to stand on, they lie.

And, although her hateful post was ‘Liked’ and ‘Shared’ several hundred times, many students and other parents were quick to rush to the school’s defense; the school’s deputy head even posting that “not one” student has asked not to be involved.

Arthur Lawrence, a transgender student at the school:
“I was incredibly moved to find out that this was planned. I’ve spent a lot of my school life feeling like I can’t go to school because of who I am.”
And that’s a bad thing, Anna Erickson-Hull, because … ?

Ruth Landsman, who has twins attending King Solomon, took to Facebook herself:
“If one child goes home from KS High School this week no longer considering taking their own life, job done … If one more child decides that they have the courage to tell their parents about their confusion at their sexuality, job done. So pleased that the school has chosen to support LGBT week and promote tolerance and understanding in our own community. ... It is a fantastic thing. My sons were proud to wear their badges. I didn’t realize my comments would get so much support. One mother contacted me to say her 13-year-old daughter was gay and that, by reading my comment, she didn’t feel alone. You never know who you are helping.”
Yes, Anna Erickson-Hull seems like she’d be okay with students feeling disenfranchised, and even suicidal, as long as her kids, who apparently did not ask to be excused from participation, aren’t put upon in such a horrible manner by being taught acceptance.

Sam Walters, the school’s deputy head teacher at King Solomon, is thrilled by his students’ reaction to the original post:
“It is amazing to see how our students have responded. They have taken such a mature approach to it and have come together in a really admirable way. We haven’t heard from the mother, but I have had parents writing to me to say how thankful they are and how their children have come home this week really interested in what they are learning. The school has a good vibe to it. Not a single student has asked to not be involved. Students have been respectful; they have asked questions and have embraced the week. There is a high level of acceptance that has come through, which is really nice to see. As a school, we have a duty to prepare our students for life in modern Britain.”
Unlike Anna Erickson-Hull, who would like her children to grow up hating anyone who lives differently, looks differently, and loves differently. Luckily, though, her children don’t seem to want to follow in Mom’s footsteps.


the dogs' mother said...

Pretty amazing. I can't see this happening here
despite our being an equality marriage state and
the home to *the florist* case. Individual students
yes, with no fuss, but not a schoolwide effort. Bestest wishes
to them.

Raybeard said...

I hadn't heard about this. It's 'refreshing' to be reminded that all the brain-dead prejudice isn't confined to America, though we do have an advantage here in that such views tend not to be held by those in influence, religion being an optional 'extra' for those who want it rather than a mandatory requirement which many of those who have it demand for everyone else to adopt too. Our exception is Northern Ireland where bigotry (mainly Protestant, the R.C. variety having greatly waned) still runs rife, way disproportionate to its far more limited presence in the general population).

But in this case the school's response to the silly lady's outburst is exemplary and ought to put her in her place - even though we know it won't, sadly.

Helen Lashbrook said...

This woman's kids have to be at least 16 to be in 6th form college. They are eligible to join the army and die in combat; so why shouldn't they be old enough to join in against their mother's hatred of all things that don't fit in her narrow perverted religion? And it seems as though they did from what the school says. Glad to see one school in the UK stand up for a minority clearly persecuted by at least one religious bigot

Toni said...

Too bad this abomination of a woman missed Proverbs, Chapter 6, "a heart that deviseth wicked imaginations" is also an abomination! Oh yeah, "he that soweth discord among brethren" are an abomination too.

Then there is the commandment, "Thou shalt not bear false witness."

The mother's religion may not be "narrow and perverted" but she sure as HELL seems to be!

Mitchell is Moving said...

So very proud of the school. I hope Anna Erickson-Hell's daughter grows up enlightened despite her mother's hate-fllled ignorance.