Friday, December 11, 2015

I Didn't Say It ...

President Barack Obama, on US gun laws being insane and defending America:

“That’s how we can send a message to all those who would try to hurt us. We will uphold our values — a free and open society. We are strong. And we are resilient. And we will not be terrorized. [But] right now, people on the No-Fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. That is insane. If you’re too dangerous to board a plane, you’re too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun.”

Common sense from a common sense man.
Too bad he’s followed by this …
Donald Trump, on how he was acting in the Islamic community’s best interest with his Muslim ban

“I have many friends who are Muslims. They’re phenomenal people. They are so happy at what I’m doing. I’m doing good for the Muslims…Many Muslim friends of mine are in agreement with me. They say, ‘Donald, you brought something up to the fore that is so brilliant and so fantastic.'”

Yup, spreading fear and igniting hate is ‘brilliant and fantastic.’
And, Mr. [t]Rump, you’re a bigot, because anyone who says the things you say and then follows it with, ‘Some of my best friends are fill in the blank.” is a bigot.
Lindsey Graham, on [t]Rump’s call for the ban:

“You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.”

Why, Miss Lindsey! I’m getting’ the vapors with you acting so tough like, and not just pandering to the fear as most GOP candidates do .. and you have done in the past.
Ben Carson, on being against transgender service members and reinstating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”:

"I do not appreciate using our military as a laboratory for social experimentation. You know, we have too many important things to do. When our men and women are out there fighting the enemy, the last thing that we need to be doing is saying ‘what would it be like if we introduced several transgender people into this platoon?’ You know, give me a break, deal with the transgender thing somewhere else. I like the old ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ philosophy. I mean why do you have to go around flouting your sexuality, it’s not necessary, you don’t need to talk about that, we need to talk about how we eliminate the enemy. That’s how a Carson administration would handle that.”

Luckily there will never ever be a Carson administration, though I imagine that someone should be administering meds to “Doctor” Carson.
Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner, who used to be a [t]Rump supporter, now saying Donald has “kinda gone off”:

“There’s nothing really at stake. This is all just chit-chat. He’s just warming up the audience. He’s like the guy who’s going into a bar and he’ll say whatever it’ll take to get laid, only in this case he’s not trying to f— some girl. He’s trying to f— the country.”

And we cannot let that happen.


Gene Perry said...

OK, so let's analyze this ... “I have many friends who are Muslims." Seriously, no you don't, at least not anymore.. "They’re phenomenal people." Yes, they are. You should remember that before you open your mouth again. "They are so happy at what I’m doing." Sorry, Donny, they're really not. "I’m doing good for the Muslims." No, again, you're not. "Many Muslim friends of mine are in agreement with me." Again, you don't have many Muslim friends. Oh, you may have business partners and employees who are Muslim, but they are not your friends. "They say, ‘Donald, you brought something up to the fore that is so brilliant and so fantastic.'” Really, show me the video!

the dogs' mother said...

A brokered convention is on the table now.
Wonder if it will happen?

anne marie in philly said...

STFU, GOP h8ers!

LOVE the new banner!

Bob Slatten said...

Thanks. I used a computer program to turn the mostly black cat into Tuxedo!

Debbie said...

Trump is delusional. REALLY delusional. I think he really does believe that Muslims, Mexicans, Women ... all of them love him.