Thursday, December 03, 2015

Random Musings

I am more than a little tired of the shootings-and-murder-and-let-us-pray-ness of the last few days so I’m gonna muse on innocuous things, fun things, cute things, hot things but …

Before I do, I ask that you go HERE … the website for the US House of representatives … and find your representative and send him or her an email demanding that they stop working for the NRA and start working for We The People; demand they do something about these senseless murders, these mass shootings, these acts of home grown terrorism, or you will work as hard as you can to vote them out of office.

It’s just an email … but think what it could do …
Now … on much lighter notes …

Top Chef started up again last night and it looks like the competition will be tough this year. A lot of restaurateurs and executive chefs in the mix … and a lot of egos … and at least one, at least from watching last night, Hot Top Chef Jeremy Ford.

He’s quite good, he seems quite nice, and he’s something yummy cooking in the kitchen.
Last weekend, as we do here at Casa Bob y Carlos after Thanksgiving, we do up the house for Christmas and we decorate the tree.

But this year was different. I was not channeling Martha Stewart, Joan Crawford and Adolph Hitler as we decorated the tree, barking orders about what goes where and how.

Carlos: You weren’t so mean this year.

Bob: I’m just trying to keep quiet.

Carlos: That’s what scares me most of all.

But, what really happened was that Carlos had toil run an errand and I decorated the tree by myself which is why it’s lovely and perfect and no one is allowed near it.
We also watched The Theory of Everything, about Stephen Hawking, last weekend. Great movie; Eddie Redmayne was absolutely brilliant and, to be fair, I do have a wee crush on him.

But then, right there, mid-film, comes Charlie Cox as Stephen’s wife’s., er, friend, and, well, Mister Cox … hehe, I said cox … is just delicious.

A quick Google search proved he’s quite delicious.
So, last week we learned that Tim Tebow’s girlfriend, Olivia Culpo dumped him because Tim wouldn’t put out.

Yeah, that’s basically what happened. But, it begs the question of Ms. Culpo:

If you’re dating the World’s Most Famous Virgin then how can you be surprised that there ain’t no nookie?

Uh huh.
This week The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started up again, and we found that Yolanda Foster is still suffering from Lyme disease. She’s been traveling the globe, taking treatments and medications that aren’t available in this country, to no avail.

And we learned that she was living alone because her husband, musician and composer, David Foster, was touring the country and working on his charity.

I thought to myself, “This marriage is over.”

And the next day, there it was, the divorce announcement. I must be psychic.
I also, while cooking last weekend, caught a little film on TV called The Boy Next Door, starring Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman.

I mostly watched because I am a huge fan of Ryan Guzman’s body of work … okay, maybe just his body … the man has an ass you can bounce a quarter off of but …

I suddenly realized the film, rather than being a drama about illicit sex and a stalker was a comedy because, how else does anyone explain that Jennifer Lopez played a high school teacher.

A high school teacher of literature.

A high school teacher of literature, most specifically Homer.

I kept waiting for JLo to say she thought they meant Homer Simpson.

Actually I kept waiting for more of this ...


the dogs' mother said...

Recorded Top Chef. Looking forward to watching it!
Loves the tree. And you can keep cats out of trees?
I thought that was impossible...

Dave R said...

Regarding Tebow... nobody seems to realize he's a quarterback, or at least a wanna be quarterback, which means he's very good with his hands.

mistress maddie said...

I can not believe Top Chef is still on, who knew? Ryan Guzman...WAS the ONLY reason to see that movie. I put up with Jennifer just to see him too. Your tree is just beautiful!!!!! But shouldn't come as no surprise....I heard your good on balls duty.

anne marie in philly said...

casa bob y carlos es muy bueno!

I cannot stop looking at that naked butt!!!!! (drool)

Bob Slatten said...

Actually, the cats lie UNDER the tree, but never really bother with it.
I know my balls.
I know, right?!?

viktor kerney said...

Charlie is so hot in Daredevil

Mitchell is Moving said...

Our California cats never bothered the tree at all. Our Spain cats would not rest until every ornament was removed and kicked all around the house before being hidden away for later play. So, no tree. But I might hang a stocking in the hope I'll find Charlie [and his] Cox Christmas morning.

Debbie said...

It seemed the minute Yolanda was no longer able to wait on him hand and foot because she was too sick to make lemon chicken him, he split. Jerk. I guess "in sickness and in health" doesn't mean much.

Debbie said...

p.s. beautiful tree. I'm so bad ... I never put up a tree.