Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kathryn Knott Says She "Turned And Ran" And Did Not Gay Bash Anyone ... Uh Huh

Well, the jury in the assault trial of ALLEGED gay basher, homophobe and bigot Kathryn Knott will begin deliberations today following Knott’s own laughable testimony.

On the stand, she testified, under oath, that she did not strike anyone — contrary to testimony of a witness and one of the victims — or use homophobic language on the night two men were beaten in Philadelphia last year even though she was heard screaming Fucking faggot Fucking faggot Fucking faggot as she ran at the couple.

Knott faces charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, conspiracy and reckless endangerment for her role in the beatings, which left Andrew Haught with broken cheekbones and a fractured upper jaw that needed to be wired shut for eight weeks. Two of her cohorts — Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams — pleaded guilty to assault and conspiracy charges and were sentenced to probation and 200 hours of community service at an LGBT Center.

For her part, Knott says she was near the middle of a group of 15 people when the incident broke out behind her and that she turned around to see a friend, Pat Conly, get up from the ground though she did not see what caused him to fall.

In other words, it wasn’t their fault, somebody else started it.

She then says she went toward the confrontation and was standing to the side when she saw Andrew Haught push her friend Taylor Peltzer's arm away; she then says Philip Williams rushed Haught and hit him once.
"I saw Phil go to pull his arm up. That's when I ran toward him to try and stop him. I didn't want to see anyone get hurt. ... Once I saw Phil connect with Mr. Haught, I turned and ran the other way." — Kathryn Knott
Funny then that two people say she entered the fray and threw at least one punch, after screaming slurs at the two men.

Two independent witnesses testified earlier that they saw Knott strike Andrew Haught’s boyfriend, Zachary Hesse. In their testimony, Hesse said Knott shouted homophobic slurs at him and struck him, and Haught said he saw Knott swinging at Hesse before he was hit by Williams.

But she says she was trying to stop the fight so no one got hurt.

During closing arguments, Knott’s attorney Louis Busico urged the jury not to be distracted by Knott’s homophobic Twitter page, and frequent anti-gay Twitter rants, and he tried to distance Knott from the actions of Harrigan and Williams, both of whom he repeatedly criticized and blamed for the assault.

It was the other guys no matter what witnesses and the victim say.

Assistant District Attorney Mike Barry rightly called Knott's ALLEGED actions a hate crime, saying her Tweets show she shared the same hatred toward gay people displayed in the actions of Harrigan and Williams. He also questioned why four people — the two alleged victims and two independent witnesses — would say they saw a girl strike a man if it didn't happen.
"She walked away from this once. Do not let her walk away from this again." — Assistant District Attorney Mike Barry 
Barry also questioned the reliability of the four defense witnesses — who were among the gang of fifteen — who testified that it was Williams who hit Andrew Haught, but only once.
Funny, again, how that one punch broke a jaw and an eye socket.

Barry also pointed out that these four shared the same exact story, a year later, and only after Philip Williams took the deal.

But let’s talk about what Kathryn Knott said on the stand: she says she ran after Philip Williams — as seen in a video shown several times during the trial — saying she feared Williams would hit Haught. 
"I ran toward them because I wanted to make sure no one got hurt."
But she says she didn’t see the extent of the injuries that Haught sustained, and that he seemed fine, sitting on the ground, holding his bleeding head, his broken jaw. And so, Kathryn Knott and her friends did what normal people do after this kind of altercation: they moved on to another bar and some more drinks, leaving these two men in the street.
"The screams were loud. It was horrifying to see what was happening. I had never been in that type of situation in my entire life. It was scary."
And yet, this horrifying situation wasn’t enough for Kathryn Knott, who says she didn’t want to see anyone get hurt, to call the police, or even an ambulance; it was just enough to keep on partying.

In fact, neither Kathryn Knott, nor any of the fifteen asshats in her little band of thugs, contacted police until after the story broke, and after a video was released of all of them at the fight.

But she did find the time to text her father, a police chief in Bucks County, to say a fight occurred and that she would be home safe … the next morning; there was an Irish Pub she was headed to, for more alcohol.

And as for those Tweets, she did acknowledge that she posted them, and said she was offended by the public display of affection by a same-sex couple, not the sexuality of the couple; she says she hashtagged the Tweet #gay just for clarification. I wonder what the hashtag #ew meant? And she testified that she does not find gay people disgusting or use the term "dyke" every day. 
"What's said there wasn't demeaning toward anybody. I wasn't talking to anybody specific."
No, you weren’t, you idiot. You were talking about an entire group of people, like I’ll begin doing now when people act like morons in public and I’ll call them out for it and hashtag them #KathrynKnott; I’ll hashtag every fight, every gay bashing, every anti-gay slur I hear, #KathrynKnott.

Look, here’s the queer deal: Kathryn Knott clearly was involved in this mess; witnesses and victims says she was involved and why would they single her out of a group of fifteen others for no reason? It doesn’t make sense; she was there, she was probably drunk, and she, as the daughter of a police officer, who once, in another Tweet, praised her father for ticketing a man who ran her off the road, thought she could do whatever she pleased.

Should she be locked up? I say, Yeah, for a short while at least And then I’d make her do well over 200 hours of community service at an LGBT center and pay a rather hefty fine. And if there was a way to educate this fool — though I feel she’s already beyond education — I’d suggest that.

And keep her off Twitter. And out of bars.


the dogs' mother said...

I agree about the educating problem. Already shows
a stunning lack of awareness.

Mitchell is Moving said...

And I hope she never reproduces!

anne marie in philly said...

disgraceful bitch; throw her ass in jail! she's a disgrace to our city also! I'd like to bitchslap that face til it bleeds!

Blobby said...

good post. and no, she didn't call the police, which should have been easy, considering (I believe) she had one of the victim's phones........and wallet. You know, because she was making sure they didn't get hurt in the attack.

Helen Lashbrook said...

A big boy did and ran away?