Monday, December 14, 2015

The First Two Days Of Kathryn Knott's Trial For Gay Bashing Were Brutal ... For Her

Y’all remember Kathryn Knott, the ALLEGED gay bashing daughter of a local police chief who is accused of using offensive slurs and physically assaulting a gay couple in Philadelphia in September 2014. Her two accomplices, Philip Williams and Kevin Harrigan, took a plea deal, but Know wanted her day in court and she’s getting it.
“You dirty fucking faggot. Is that your fucking boyfriend? Fucking faggot, fucking faggot, fucking faggot.”
That’s how Assistant D.A. Allison Ruth opened her case against Knott, recalling what witnesses say Kathryn Knott said to Andrew Haught and Zachary Hesse while they walked down a street.

And that was before she ALLEGEDLY physically assaulted Haught. Knott is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and conspiracy.
Though Knott wasn’t responsible for the worst of the punches, Ruth said, she did “run toward the fight” and “she threw punches.”

Those punches ultimately resulted in one of the victims, Andrew Haught, having his eye socket broken and his jaw shattered. Then Ruth played the video showing the attack, followed by sharing a series of tweets grabbed from Knott’s now defunct Twitter page:
@krisssstenxoxo the ppl we were just dancing with just turned and mafe [sic] out with eatch [sic] other #gay #ew
jazz flute is for little fairy boys
My cab driver starting shouting some jihad shit so I starting singing America the beautiful #merrica.
@g0_nads he’s gonna rip me today for my hair..just wait. #dyke
this camo song is gay like all the other brad paisley songs
Then it was Knott’s attorney, Louis Busico’s turn, and he started off with a bang, putting his foot in his mouth by saying:
“At no point in time will one of the [prosecution’s] independent witnesses say she touched a soul.”
Oops; because later that same day an eyewitness actually said, on the stand and under oath, that Kathryn Knott did punch one of the victims and, afterwards, her friends all cheered. But Buscio also claimed that the “vile language” came not from Knott bit from her two cohorts in the attack. He then said she should not be made to pay for the actions of others — though why it's acceptable, if you believe Buscio or Knott, that she simply stood there with her friends and watched two men being beaten in the street and did nothing — and ended by calling her a “a wonderful human being.”

On Day Two it got even worse for Kathryn Knott. A bloody shirt was shown on the stand. One juror actually had to leave the courtroom after seeing photos showing the victims' injuries. And one of the victims testified.

Andrew Haught told jurors his face was broken in several places, and identified Knott as one of the attackers, saying,
"The girls especially were really intense, which I was really surprised about."
He went on to say his jaw had to be wired shut for eight weeks as a result of the attack, in which he says, Kathryn Knott participated.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, an eyewitness, Michelle Moore testified that she saw the fight and stayed until police arrived:
"One [of the men] was on the ground with blood. I thought he was dead. The other was stumbling around like he was looking for something."
Knott’s attorneys then took Moore to task over discrepancies about the color of Knott’s dress that night. Moore testified that a [blonde] woman was punching a man on the ground. … It looked like she had a whitish and black dress."

Buscio says Haught had previously had testified that Knott was wearing a white dress.

That’s some discrepancy, though how it negates the fact that both Haught and Moore say Kathryn Knott was personally involved in the fight makes little sense. I mean, Andrew was being beaten by these three gay bashers and he’s expected to remember the dress exactly?

The trial continues this week and that “wonderful person” might be in for a rude awakening and some jail time.
6 ABC News


the dogs' mother said...

So disgusting.

The Cool Cookie said...

I am hoping she gets a fair trial, but in my mind, she needs prison and mental health facility combind with locking her up and throwing the key away.

Biki Honko said...

Knott is bad news from the get-go. I hope she gets jail time, that should take the wind out of her sails.

anne marie in philly said...

let ME at that little bitch; she'll wind up crying for her mommy!

mistress maddie said...

What goes around, comes around.

Raybeard said...

Such a shame that karma so rarely appears to happen within one lifetime.