Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That's Our Nikki: She's SO Transparent

I remember when Nikki Haley was running for guv'nah of the great state of South Carolina, in the shadow of Mark "Hiking The Appalachian Trail AKA Schtupping My Mistress" Sanford, and she said she would change politics here. She would be open and honest--yeah, a big stretch, I know--and, above all, transparent.

But Nikki has a different view of what it means to be transparent, which means most of us have changed how we view her.

Haley is being investigated by a House Ethics Committee because there is a belief, by many, that she illegally lobbied the state while acting as a state representative from Lexington County. Not a real stretch, Nikki is about what’s best for Nikki and screws everyone else, making her, in my mind any way, Mark Sanford in a dress.

But now, as this ethics charge will not die, Nikki "I believe in transparency in government" Haley is to release some emails that are related to the investigation, and this, according to nearly every legitimate lawyer not on the Haley payroll, is an abuse of the law.

But that's our Nikki.

The Post and Courier newspaper down in Charleston says the paper asked for all the Haley administration's emails relating to this ongoing and going and going House Ethics Committee investigation, but Nikki Haley's attorney says the requested documents are exempt from disclosure because they represent the work product of a legal counsel.

In other words, Nikki has something to hide. I mean, if you were accused of being unethical wouldn't you want to prove the allegations false by doing whatever you could? Not our Nikki. She turns tail and hides.

But media attorney Jay Bender says the attorney-client privilege only applies to the governor herself, not her staff, and calls the Haley administration's actions another example of a public body overreaching to hide records that should be public.

I call it Nikki Haley being very transparent. So much so that you can see right through her.


Jim said...

That isn't even her real name ... Nikki.
That was changed for her to sound "more American" to voters in South Carolina.
She is of Middle Eastern heritage and there was fear of backlash if she ran under her real name a couple of years ago.
But you are correct, you can see right through her (political BS).

Biki said...

Sigh, yet again a politician who thinks/feels they are above the rule of law. Why am I not surprised by this?

Wonder Man said...

get her OUT