Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life's A Trip, But Not Blister Palin's New "Reality" Show

Blister strikes a Kardashian pose, 
but her junk isn't in her ass, 
it's between her ears.
So, Blister Palin’s new “reality” show—and let’s face, nothing about a Palin exists in actual reality—began airing on Lifetime this week and, well, I missed it. On purpose. 
I think Blister is a spoiled whiny self-indulgent famewhore who got knocked up by her boyfriend—and not on their "first" time—and has been riding the wave of Poor me, I’m a single mom ever since.
So, I am one of those “homosexuals” that loathe her. And I don’t watch, and won’t watch, but I do like reading about Blister’s show, and some of the scathing reviews it has gotten, so, let’s dish…….

From the Los Angeles Times, Robert Lloyd writes about Blister’s woes of being a single mom and how hard it is to find adequate care for Baby Tripp, whilst living the highlife in a Beverly Hills mansion.
Hmmm, maybe be a self-entitled famewhore has its privileges?
But I digress. Lloyd writes of Blister’s difficulty in “not wanting to hire ‘some random baby-sitter” and then he points out that we see Blister and her sister with the foul mouth, Willard shopping in Beverly Hills “without Tripp [who is] presumably looking after himself back at the mansion.”

From the Chicago Sun-Times, Lori Rackl notes that “The trio move into a Beverly Hills mansion where Bristol has to teach Tripp things like the difference between a bidet and a water fountain. No one said being a single mom was easy.”

From the New York Times, Alessandra Stanley is most unnerved about how Blister portrays baby daddy Levi Johnston on the show: “The show’s promos show Bristol putting Johnston’s memoir ‘Deer in the Headlights,’ on a range and firing at it with a rifle, saying, ‘This is for all the single moms….Much of the narrative revolves around Bristol’s attempts to shame her ex-boyfriend into seeing his son.”

And here’s more:
The New York Times: “That big sister-little sister dynamic [between Bristol and Willow] has some real-life resonance, but the “Teen Mom” poignancy is undercut by the palatial surroundings.”

The Washington Post: “Even if you have a lasting grudge against all things Palin, there’s no payoff here. It’s a new low for anyone who makes the mistake of watching.”
The Los Angeles Times: “We’re left with a show about two sisters, temporarily billeted in a Beverly Hills mansion, mostly complaining about Los Angeles, each other and their lives.”

The Chicago Sun-Times: “With the exception of the bull-ride-gone-bad scene, Bristol’s day-to-day life isn’t very interesting. Neither are the occasional shots where Sarah Palin pops up to offer homespun wisdom and maternal advice…. What we’re left with are Bristol and Willow shopping, squabbling and engaging in vapid conversations. In other words, the Alaskan Kardashians.”

Entertainment Weekly: “But whatever you were expecting from Bristol Palin’s reality show, I can’t imagine that anyone was expecting Life’s a Tripp to turn into one of the weirdest — and most uncomfortable — reality shows in recent history. Because the show is not a catchy piece of pop propaganda like Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Nor is it a “My Funny Famous Family” riff on The Osbournes. Nor is it a show about the struggles of parenting, like Teen Mom or pre-controversy Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Instead, the season premiere of Life’s a Tripp saw Bristol Palin trying to go full Kardashian, to pitch herself as a character who is simultaneously approachable and decadent. She failed, quite visibly. Besides Mother and Daughter Palin, almost no one seemed to want to be on screen.”

And that’s just in front of the cameras; behind the scenes it’s all lawsuits and shiz.

See, Blister’s “reality” show was originally going to feature the Massey brothers, including Bristol’s Dancing With The Stars castmate Kyle, living in L.A. with Blister. But, according to a new lawsuit, the entire concept of a Bristol Palin and Massey brothers reality show was conceived and pitched by the Massey family, who were then cut out of the deal without compensation.

Angela Massey issued a statement: “It is unfortunate that after months of trying to resolve this matter the professional way, we were left with no other course of action than to take legal action to protect ourselves. If you read the entire complaint, and particularly pages 8-11, you will see how we created the show, registered the show and did all the leg work to bring this idea to TV and to the defendants, who stole our concept.”

Maybe this show would have been watchable if the Massey brothers were involved because Blister alone--or with wacknutjob Willard--sounds like a whiny, pampered, self-indulgent, famewhore, AKA MGB®.


Cubby said...

Ohhh I can't wait to not watch this!

the dogs mother said...

oh, Lifetime, you've hit a new low.

KDNA said...

It will barely last a season, and will serve to be another nail in the Palin coffin(s). said...

So glad this crashed and burned. If there's anything worse than a fame-whore Kardashian, it's a media-whore Palin.

Let's hope she doesn't get chosen for "Dancing With The Stars All Stars" so we don't have to see her mug in the news.

R.J. said...

I'm guessing the only reason Lifetime is showing this is because they couldn't squeeze another Project Runway spinoff show to fill in the time.

S'A said...

All I can add is "why?"

Sean said...

The ratings are in and they really suck.

I guess my mom is also "one of those “homosexuals” that loathe her." because she couldn't stop talking about how stupid and undeserving she was. And my mom has one paralyzed vocal cord!

Wonder Man said...

it's a fail