Thursday, April 12, 2012

Batshittery Has A New Name: Allen West

There are Republicans and there are Repugnants.
Allen West, the congressman from Florida, rumored to be on the short list of Mittsy's Veep nominees, falls into the Repugnant category.
For a lot of reasons, but today I'll just talk about his latest round of batshittery, asshattery, tomfoolery, dumbfuckery.
On Tuesday of this week, West  told a group in Palm City, Florida that almost half of all the Democrats in Congress are secretly part of the Communist Party.
Yes, he did.
And then he rolled out their names and offered proof of their Communism....
I'm sorry........what's that?
He didn't mention one single Democrat by name, or offer proof that any Democrat at all is a member of the Communist party? He just said it was true and we're supposed to believe him? Because that's what the GOP does. They say batshit crazy stuff, offer no proof, and just watch as the Tea Party sips it up.
And now AllenWestery.


Cubby said...

When will politicians learn that nowadays everything gets recorded and reported. The days of spewing crazy shit to local groups just to get a few votes are over.

Writer said...

There was a non-piece about this on NBC news last night. Has West been asked to retract his statement or apologize or anything? :\

Buck said...

And if he actually knew anything, he would know that the Communist Party U.S.A is a pretty innocuous organization. They pretty much focus only labor rights.

Ron said...

Alan West gives a whole new definition to ignoramus asshat.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Remember, Allen West is a man who drives a Hummer. He has serious issues. People who know who they are don't need to drive a Hummer to feel good about who they are.

froggy said...

He said 'card carrying' - someone is going to have to ask those Democrats to turn over their wallets.

Princess said...

I think his nose just grew by a few inches.... said...

There's a Communist Party?

truthspew said...

Standard illogical tactic - offer that there are n members of x group and then fail to name any of the members.

It's usually used when you're fabricating something.