Friday, April 13, 2012

Good News Friday #2: Father Ryan Refuses Anti-Gay Petitions

Father Michael Ryan
Ah, the Catholic Church. When they aren't being sued for molesting children, they're aiding and abetting rapist and working to deny equality to gay men and women.
But not at one church. Not this Reverend.
Out there in Seattle, Reverend Michael Ryan of the St. James Cathedral has announced that he will not circulate petitions inside his parish for the campaign to repeal Washington's same-sex marriage law:
Dear Friends,Archbishop Sartain has written a letter in which he has expressed his support for Referendum 74 and for the collecting of signatures in parishes. Media reports regarding this are somewhat misleading.
While the Archbishop has given his support to the effort, he has wisely left it up to each pastor to decide whether to allow the collection of signatures in his own parish.
After discussing the matter with the members of the Cathedral's pastoral ministry team, I have decided that we will not participate in the collecting of signatures in our parish. Doing so would, I believe, prove hurtful and seriously divisive in our community.
Father Ryan
This is huge.
Now, to be fair, Father Ryan isn't coming out for marriage equality, he's simply saying that this kind of petition drive, especially inside the church, is hurtful.
But he's taking a stand against the Great Catholic Homophobia Machine and that's to be commended.


froggy said...

Unfortunately the mega churches are huge - even here in the pnw.

Wonder Man said...

good for him

Princess said...

The Papal Machine is certainly ramping up the bigotry and hippocracy. In oz there has been a recent effort by the heirachy to petition every member of the flock to write to their local politician ststing thet they are against equal rights to same sex marriage. Fortunately not too many took up the challenge. Seems that most of the mainstream are warming to the idea of equality in marriage for all!
Power to those that rise up against the machine....

designing wally said...

He must be tired of shoveling "poop from the pope",
bless his heart...