Monday, April 02, 2012

Top Ten Outstanding Guest Comments Of The Week

So, here we...another week come and gone, and some more fabulous comments here at ISBL. So, without further ado, let's announce the Top Ten Outstanding Guest Comments of the Week, in now particular order.....
#1 As a gay man, I loves me some divas, and, well, for me, the greatest of all celebrated her sixty-eighth birthday this week, so I shared my own personal Diana Ross story in Happy Birthday, Diva!!:
mrpeenee said...
If I had ever gotten that close to her, I would have swooned. But first I would have tried to swipe her wig. 
#2 I swept the detritus from my brain this week, and there was more than the usual Random Musings:
designing wally said...
Did they surgically implant a new heart into DICK, or did he just rip one out of one of the young interns and swallow it??? 
#3 I love when big business stands up for the little people, well, in this case, the LGBT people, so, Thank You, Starbucks:
Wonder Man said...
did NOM really think they could take on Starbucks? Child please.
#4 I don't care who it is, I don't like discrimination of any kind, but to arbitrarily decide what constitutes a family is just plain wrong, like when The Green Valley Swimming Pool & Sports Club Discriminates:
Princess said...
Mr Jacobs has obviously swimming in the very shallowest end of the gene pool... You know... the one that also lacks a bigotry filter! 
#5 As I said, I love me some gossip, and I love me some celebrity-on-celebrity gossip. But, let's leave the dead ones alone since they aren't here to comment on your gossip. MORE! I Ain't One To Gossip, But..... Frank Langella Gossips.....About Dead People:
Beth said...
I'll remember him. He was a great Dracula.
But really, Frank...meow, baby, very meow! 
#6 We have places like Kansas allowing people to discriminate against LGBT people on religious grounds, which, I believe, leads to more and more LGBTQ youth attempting suicide. And this wee we had Another One: Austin Rodriguez Is In A Coma:
mrs.missalaineus said...
it is my greatest failing as a teacher that i can fill a child's head with knowledge, i can help them reach their dreams and achieve their goals, but there is nothing i can do to protect them or save them from the hatred and prejudice of ignorant people.
Ask the Cool Cookie said...
Many of us were "that kid". 
At a school reunion last year I was actually standing next to one if the bullies and she said "I don't remember you," not in a way that said she didn't remember me, but in a dismissive way as to call to question my existence at all.
And that's the thing with true bullies. They refuse to acknowledge what they "do" they do to a person. To them you are nothing more than one of the multitude that they will use an trash before they ripen into something less than human themselves. 
#7 So many Lohans and Kardashians, it's all I can do to keep up, yet I Ain't One To Gossip, But....:
mrs.missalaineus said...
i bet dina lohan still drinks box wine. with a straw. from a solo cup.
Miss Ginger Grant said...
Personally, I think someone needs to put La Lohan in a cage and feed her food pellets and change her water pee pee pad once a day. I'm tired of our court system's resources being wasted on trying her guilty ass! 
#8 So, I mentioned Kansas a moment ago, and, well, In Kansas, God Hates Fags:
froggy said...
Not arguing the anti-discrimination ordinances (they are needed) but I really think Lance Kinzer ought not to worry - who would want to associate with *him*? 
#9 It seems like I'd just gotten done thanking Starbucks for their stance against NOM regarding marriage equality, when word came that their stock is up, and more people support Starbucks than support NOM's hate machine. It was a Good New Friday: A Starbucks Boycott Backfires:
anne marie in philly said...
I buy their coffee for brewing at home. I have always liked the house blend. and now I have an even BIGGER reason to support starbucks; they stand up to bullies like NOM! 
#10 Along with discrimination and religion, I am not a fan of people, or huge money-grabbing organizations, like the Catholic Church, hiding pedophiles and then lying about it. But then we heard that a Defrocked Priest Says the Church Knew he Was a Pedophile:
Raybeard said...
There seems to be a growing view in the R.C. Church's hierarchy that, although they are, of course, 'profoundly sorry' for the grievous sins of clergy in the past, and forgiveness from the victims is sought, it's really now time to move on, as there are mechanisms in place to prevent such an appalling situation happening again. (One can but hope!)
- So, in other words, we are invited to forget about pursuing and persecuting those surviving paedophilic priests of decades ago (and more than a few rather more recent). Just forgive them and carry on. Yeah, right! So is the church suggesting that all those peadophiles who were NOT priests should also be allowed this amnesty? Or could it just be that the Church has had enough of the secrets of its tawdry organisation being thrown open to the world and is trying to salvage the moral authority which, unaccountably, so many millions still accord it?
Get them ALL, and quickly, I say - and before they all die off! 

Thanks to all for your comments.
What was your favorite of the week?


Ron said...


Yet another feature I love about your blog. I feel like I should be sending you money for a subscription to your blog.

froggy said...

oh. my. designing wally. lololol