Friday, April 27, 2012

The Tennessee Senate Is At It Again

In Tennessee, some state legislators want to stop teachers from saying "gay" in classrooms. And these same legislators want to protect people with a religious or moral conviction against gay people, to be exempt from laws prohibiting bullies. You know, if you believe in God, you can hate fags all you want, and tell them so, and taunt them ,and bully them.
Because that's how they think God rolls.
But now A proposal is in the Senate that would prevent students from being discriminated against for expressing their religious beliefs.
Now, this wingnutted bill would require school districts to treat a student's religious expression the same as they would a secular viewpoint. It would also give students access to school facilities to organize student prayer groups or other religious gatherings.
Public schools. State schools. Separation of church and state means nothing to Tennessee legislators.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for people and their religious freedoms; I'm all about the freedom. What I am not about is using public school buildings, paid for by taxpayers, be3ing used as makeshift religious buildings for prayer groups or whatever.
If you wanna pray, there's a place called a church,. If you wanna pray, kneel down beside your bed. If you wanna play, hell, you can do it wherever you want.
But do not use a public school building.
Sidenote: if this ridiculousness comes to pass, you can bet that someone will beat up a gay kid, or burn down a gay couples house, or taunt and tease and bully any one who may, or may not, be gay, and say they are doing so because of their religious beliefs.
Let me set this queer for you, Tennessee legislators, since your heads seem to be permanently lodged in your overly tightened sphincters:
No matter who it comes from, and no matter at to whom it is aimed.
It's wrong. And until you get your heads out, and screwed on straight, and not straight in the way you think, no one child, or even adult, in Tennessee is going to be safe from bullying.
Is that the way you want Tennessee to be? Home of The Bullies?
Cuz that's the way you're heading.



kathy said...

When do they start burning witches in the courtyard?

Only time any of the children got detention was Eldest Son - who, in the wee morning hours with his co-conspirators, papered the high school halls with protest posters about the religious groups getting preferential treatment regarding not having to get permission for any of their activities.
They started putting up the posters and ran thru the school with the principal, athletic director and one of the counselors in hot pursuit. Daughter watched it all and didn't say a peep when they asked her, 'which way did they go?!"

Joy said...

This is driving me crazy! I thought the "don't say gay" thing was over. But no!! Some of these hateful wingnuts elected to what once was a fairly reasonable state legislature now want to make abortion murder. Legally murder. Yes. Just when we think it can't get worse!

Joy said...

Oh, and you are right about what will happen now. This is giving carte blanche to gay bashing and bullying and worse! I can't stand it. Many of us are appalled. said...

I'm continually embarassed to admit that I'm a Tennessean. The right-wing legislature is out of control. If this bill passes, it will only last until the Baptists start getting bullied or the Muslims outnumber them.

Separation of Church and State, indeed. They can't separate sane from insane.